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  • joe
    These videos are really helping me out… The new paints are so easy to work with, you can buff out dust. I’m 62. You’re never too old to really get into it. Any seniors want to jump into this you’re never too old. The course is very well worth getting. Thank You Tony!

    Joe DeAngelo

    This is one of the most useful courses that I’ve ever seen. I am incredibly happy with it. I am now working on my family’s cars, buddies cars and now I’m making extra money on side jobs. Highly recommended to everybody!

    Karlo Rarangol
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • cody
    I got quoted $6,000 from a body shop to paint my 91 Chevy Camaro decided to
    do-it-myself. I signed up for the VIP membership course, now I’m painting cars for customers! Get the course, you’ll love it. If you’re looking to get out a good project …look into this VIP course and get on your way, Good Luck!

    Cody Carson
    El Paso, Texas

    I’ve done The Research. I didn’t expect to get what I was getting out of it. The Program is Awesome! Everything is all Step-by-Step from a real live person showing you exactly how to do it. I’m 30 years old and before this course have never tried anything related to auto mechanics and auto body and paint…
    I did the research – he’s definitely the way to go…

    Steven Morris

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Featured Products




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