Can You Add Pearl In Base Coat? – Automotive Bodywork And Paint Tips

Hey! What’s goin’ on, my friends! In this video, we’re going to cover a couple of questions that more of my subscribers sent in. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is… “Tony, I want to put Pearls and Flakes in my paint, should I just mix them in my base coat? Can I … Read more

How To Paint Cars – LearnAutoBodyAndPaint.com Q&A Part 3

How To Paint Cars

Hey! What’s goin’ on! This is Part 3 of the How To Paint Cars Q&A video series that we’ve been doing for the past weeks. We got a bunch of questions from our subscribers. So I’ll go ahead and go through some more of them today. Let’s get started! Here’s a question from Malcolm Campbell… … Read more

DIY Auto Body Work And Painting Q&A – Paint Biting – Orange Peel – Rust Prevention

DIY Auto Body Work And Painting

Hey! What’s goin’ on! This is Part 2 of the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint DIY Auto Body Work And Painting Q&A. Like I told you before, we got a bunch of questions that came in from my subscribers and today, I’ll answer more of them. If you have any more questions after watching the video, you can post … Read more

DIY How To Auto Body And Paint Questions and Answers

Hey! What’s goin’ on! I recently submitted an email out to my subscribers, asking them what their most burning questions are on how to auto body and paint and in just a few hours, I got 10 pages of responses.  I just printed them out. We probably have another 50 pages or so. Thank You … Read more

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