Learn How To Restore Your Classic Car Yourself!

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  1. hi, just want to thanks for all the free info you’ve given me. i do want to purchase your program but first i have to wait until i can afford it. ten years ago i broke my neck and money is prety tight right now,but i do have most of the tools and a big garage. i have fixed and painted a few fenders and a hood they looked ok but not perfect. i guess i should have mentioned that im in a electric wheel chair. i like the emails that you send and some day i will buy your program. thank you!

    • hey Vince, Stay strong buddy. It sounds like you’re doing better now. I must say I highly ADMIRE your strength. I mean, you broke your neck and in a wheel chair and still want to get things done! God Bless you 🙂 Keep on rocking and slowly work your body day by day. Email me off blog and we can chat more if you like. Take care Vince!


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