How To Repair Cracked Plastic Car or Bike Parts

How To Repair Cracked Plastic Car or Bike Parts

Welcome to the Learn Auto Body Power Tour video series. In this video, we’re going to cover how to repair cracked plastic car or bike parts. That includes cracks and chips in plastic fairings of motorcycles and any other plastic parts that you’re working on. I quickly show you some of the other pieces that … Read more

How To Smoke Tail Lights

How To Tint Tail Lights

In this short video we’ll show you how easy it really is… How to smoke tail lights yourself. Basically, all you have to do is sand your plastic lenses with 1500-2000 grit sand paper. Preferably wet sand. You’d just get a better cut with wet sanding. Now, some say you need a adhesive promoter… I think it’s a bunch … Read more

How To Restore Headlights – Headlight Restoration From Home

Learn How To Restore Headlights by Watching The Video Let’s talk about how to restore headlights using 2k automotive clear coat. Yeah, I know… your sick and tired of looking at your car and seeing those old and grimy headlights and you want to do something about it. Or maybe you want to start a … Read more