Prepping (Semi Pitted) Aluminum Rims for Primer – Plus AutoBody & Paint Q&A

What’s up, guys! Tony here from LearnAutoBodyandPaint.com and Paradice Garage. This video might help you at “Prepping (Semi Pitted) Aluminum Rims for Primer”. By the way, don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for more videos about our Honda Grom Project and get great information to help you with your own custom painting! And also, … Read more

Fiberglass Sanding Tips Before Painting Base/Clear or Candy – Auto Body Q&A

What’s up guys! Tony here hanging out with you today at Paradice Garage. I will give you some Tips on Fiberglass Sanding Before Painting Base/Clear or Candy, and let’s have a quick AutoBody Q&A. For those who are not VIP yet, secure your LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP slot now and be part of the #BossPainter community! How … Read more

ATOM X88 Spray Gun and Gunbudd Ultra Lighting System in Action- KEN MALONE TESTIMONIAL- ILLINOIS

This is Ken Malone’s testimonial about Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun. Sharing his first experience using this Spray Gun and why this gun is the perfect one for his Automotive Painting Project. I was a little disgusted with the paint guns that I’ve been using and I just painted the roof on this car and … Read more

The Three (3) Ways to SAND: Wet Sanding VS Dry Sanding Plastic Parts – The Pros and Cons!

Hey! What’s up, guys! Tony here from learnautobodyandpaint.com and Paradice Garage. We’re going to talk about the Three (3) ways to Sand and the Pros and Cons of Wet Sanding vs. Dry Sanding because we are going to do a Custom Painting of the 2014 Honda Grom soon. There are three (3) ways of Sanding … Read more

Dry Sanding Vs. Wet Sanding | Autobody Q&A and Update for Upcoming Content

Thank you for streaming with us today!✌️ Hope you enjoy the video with some ideas about Dry Sanding Vs. Wet Sanding | Autobody Q&A. Check out the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program to learn more about DIY auto body work and paint. The #BossPainter is back with another auto body Q&A session! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel, as … Read more

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