Is The LearnAutoBodyAndPaint.com VIP Training Course an Online Course or Will I Get Books and DVD's in The Mail?

This is a 100% online course and you get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the videos and training within the site and members area as soon as you register. No waiting weeks for material to come in the mail. You will have the option to watch all videos streaming within the site and also download each step-by-step tutorial to watch at a later time. And last but not least you will also be able to burn your own DVD's and print your color manuals if you wanted to.

Because we have TONS of tutorials on all parts of auto body and paint you can "pick and choose" what you want to download, watch streaming or later burn on a DVD.

Does It Matter Where I'm Located To Have Access To The VIP Materials?

No, You can be on any computer from anywhere in the world. As long as your have your username and password you can access and watch tutorials immediately, or download the material for later viewing from your laptop or home computer. We have many VIP members from continents all around the world!

Does The Course Teach Me How To Install Body Kits On My Specific Car or Truck?

The course teaches you the do's and dont's and shows you exactly how to install a body kit the right way without screwing the kit or your car up. You ca take these broken down detailed videos and apply the tactics to ANY car or body kit that you are working on. We also show you how to customize your body kits for those of you who want a custom extreme look that NOBODY has, and get it painted to turn the most stubborn heads!

Will The Course Teach Me How To Properly Remove Rust and Get My Ride Looking Like New Again?

The course will show you the "right way" of repairing rust which is sheet-metal, and also the "fast way" of repairing rust for those of you who just want to bang out a quick paint job or are limited on finances.

Can You Help Me With Little Tips To Fix My Car?

We get bombarded daily with little questions, It's hard to get back to everybody in a timly fashion. In all this is why the VIP membership was created. To help you with ANY questions that you may have during the process of fixing your project.

What Do I Get When I Sign Up For The FREE Auto Body Newsletter?

You will get free email tips on auto body repair every few days, the tips are random and from people who have submitted in questions.

What Is The Difference With The FREE Newsletter Vs The VIP Membership?

The free newsletter covers random and the most common information in a newsletter type of delivery and sometimes short video clips.

The VIP Membership Club Gives You total access to over 72 HOURS of specialized training that cover a vast variety of body work methods. You get them in process manuals, streaming and or downloadable videos and access to a never-ending membership site with cool new videos that will be uploaded as time goes on.

You also get access to free bonuses once in the members area. Unlimited access to the private global forum is also included for life.

Do I Need Any Prior Automotive Skills To Excel at This?

No. All you need is the desire to want to do this and learn the skill. This course is like no other. We have a private member only forum where you and like minded members from all across the globe can chat and converse ideas back and fourth. It really is inspiring to see real testimonials from VIP members that started from NOTHING. From living in a trailer park to successfully completing a heavy duty project all from the learnautobodyandpaint.com VIP course.

Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions and think we should address them here in the FAQ please send in your questions and comments at our Contact page.

Thank You!

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