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QUESTION: Duly fender clearcoat problem, what grit should I use to clean up the clearcoat before respraying clear? base coat

If you’re planning to respray just the clear coat and your base coat is looking good, but the clear coat has a few runs or didn’t come out well, here’s what you should do. First, sand it down with 800 grit, being careful not to cut through to the base coat. Give it a good scuff at 800 grit to minimize imperfections. After that, you can flow on two coats of clear coat, and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind that a clear coat is effective at covering and filling 800-grit sand scratches. Some people prefer going over 1000 grit, but I find it a bit too fine. Going with 800 ensures you won’t encounter any flaking issues down the road.

QUESTION: Sanding basecoat due to orange peel. What grit is good before applying pearl?

You shouldn’t encounter orange peel in a base coat, and it’s unclear why it might occur. It’s advisable to check your mixing ratios to address this issue. If you find yourself sanding the base coat, it’s recommended to re-spray another layer of the base coat on top.

Applying pearl indicates a tri-stage process involving a base coat, pearl mid-coat, and clear coat. It’s crucial not to sand the base coat and then apply pearl directly on it; this is not recommended.

In a standard tri-stage process, spray the basecoat for a smooth flow, mix and apply the mid-coat (assuming it’s a tri-stage), let it flash, and then apply the clear coat.

If dealing with orange peel in the base coat, sand it down. Base coats typically have a light texture, and sometimes there might be a slight orange peel effect. Clear coating usually addresses and smoothens out orange peel; however, the severity is unclear. To achieve better results, consider flattening the surface and adding a bit more reducer to your base coat for improved flow. Ensure a flat application before applying the clear coat.

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