How To Paint Chrome On A Car | What Causes Fisheye and How To Fix || Autobody Q&A

In this blog, we’ll discuss ‘How To Paint Chrome On A Car.’ Whether you’re a seasoned auto enthusiast or a first-time DIYer, we’ve got answers to your burning questions about giving your vehicle that sleek, chrome makeover. Buckle up and get ready to revamp your ride, one brushstroke at a time!” Make sure to register for the FREE Learn Auto Body and Paint COURSE, where you can follow the step-by-step process of the newest “TESLA Project” and access additional custom auto bodywork and paint tutorials; don’t forget to show your support by liking and subscribing to my YouTube channel for upcoming videos. If you’re interested in exploring E-Commerce profitability, subscribe to this link now:

QUESTION: How I get Chrome effects from metallic silver paint (fine bright flakes)? There’s a method of spraying a light of metallic silver base coat over black high gloss, any thoughts?

They have different types of chrome paint. A lot of the ways to get that true “Chrome look” is to use Chrome paint over a black base coat. So you’re gonna want to spray over a black base coat.

I have sprayed coarse or mini flake metallic over black which gives you a nice metallic. You’re not going to get a chrome look but you’re gonna get a really shiny metallic chrome look to it like the glittery Chrome look. What I mean, is you’re not going to get a solid Chrome but you’re going to get a glitter Chrome. But there is specific chrome paint that is sprayed over a black base coat.

If you want to get a Chrome, if you’re doing metallic silver, you’re not going to get a solid chrome paint. So that’s for sure. So guys, don’t forget to go to to get your FREE Autobody and Paint training because we cover a lot of material that gives you a lot of information on the auto body there through the FREE guide and the FREE video training. You can get that guide there, by putting your name and email in at 

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QUESTION: What causes fisheye in clearcoat?

So mostly it’s a chemical reaction. It could be a bad batch of clear coat we’ll do it. It could be oils or silicone in the air (the overspray). Maybe you’re in an industrial zone where you have a mechanic next door using WD-40 or some sort of oil spray that can give you an issue like that. 

Also, a bad batch of clear coat can give you an issue like that, There is something called fisheye eliminator that you can use as well and you can add it. But the main thing to basically prevent fisheye is to use a wax and grease remover, nothing beats wax and grease remover. You hear some guy saying you can use Windex or Sprayway and I have in the past, but really when it comes down to it, you might as well use the correct product for the correct application. This will give you flawless results. 
I’ve used Sprayway, the aerosol glass cleaner on prod but I just don’t like the way it wipes off. It doesn’t spread as nicely as wax and grease remover. And I feel like it’s not getting as clean as it should.

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