How To Two-Tone Paint A Car | How To Repair Cracked Fiberglass On Hood | Autobody Q&A

Welcome to our Auto Body Q&A, where we explore the art of two-tone car paint jobs. These paint jobs are a fascinating aspect of automotive aesthetics, offering car enthusiasts the chance to blend colors and design unique patterns that set their vehicles apart from the rest. In this short discussion, we’ll delve into the intricacies of a two-tone car paint job. Make sure to register for the FREE Learn Auto Body and Paint COURSE, where you can follow the step-by-step process of the newest “TESLA Project” and access additional custom auto bodywork and paint tutorials; don’t forget to show your support by liking and subscribing to my YouTube channel for upcoming videos. If you’re interested in exploring E-Commerce profitability, subscribe to this link now:

QUESTION: How long do you recommend waiting before you take off for two-tone paint after the first color? 

Typically, you have a generous 10-hour window to work with it. However, after you’ve applied the spray, if you’re working within the range of 70 to 80 degrees, I would recommend waiting for about an hour. If the temperature is between 80 to 90 degrees, then 45 minutes should suffice, although more time is preferable. Therefore, my usual practice is to wait approximately an hour, give or take, after applying my first color. This allows ample time for the base coat to set, making it easier to mask it off and proceed with spraying your second or third colors.

QUESTION: So the hood is fiberglass it has small cracks around the vents. I was hoping maybe I could just skim and sand them, I know gel coat sometimes you groove the crack and then fill?

You can create a groove along the crack and apply a short-strand filler like Kitty Hair. Afterward, sand it smooth. This approach offers greater strength compared to using just gel. By adding more fiberglass, particularly in areas like the hood vent, you enhance the structural integrity. This becomes crucial, especially in high-stress areas, especially when dealing with a powerful engine that generates substantial vibrations.

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