Single Stage Prep and Painting Tips | How To Repair Clear Coat – More Autobody Q&A

When applying single stage paint, the surface prep is typically a lot less work than when painting in multiple stages. The goal of such paints is to go on smooth and produce long-lasting finishes with extended durability and excellent appearance. In order to achieve these goals, we use different techniques than are used for traditional … Read more

Car Painting: Repainting, How To Apply Metallic Paint, Color Matching, And More Autobody Q&A

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QUESTION: What is the best clear you recommend? You can get the best depending on your budget. So what is your budget? Because you can get the best for under 150 bucks. You can get the best for under 300 bucks but if you’re looking for an overall like medium grade, good clear coat that … Read more

Painting The Car “BLACK” || Do I Need To Use a Black Primer? – Auto Body Q&A

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Automotive Painting | Things You Should Know and Consider: AutoBody Q&A

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