The Basics: Auto Body And Paint Your Car Yourself Without Spending $1,000s

In this post, I’ll be giving you the details on how you can complete a project like this. It doesn’t matter what you’re working on because you can take the foundational bodywork application steps and apply them to any job that you’re working on. So for instance, we’re going to cover the safety, the tools … Read more

Live Autobody Work On The Good Van Project “DIY” and Auto Body Q&A๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿš˜

As an automotive painter, I am constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways to show off my work. I recently came across this van that I think would look great with a new paint job. Stay tuned for more videos and posts as I go through the process plus Live Autobody Q&A … Read more

How To Prep Your Car For Primer? What Grit? Type of Primer, Tip Size, and More Autobody Q&A

Are you about to paint a car and are not sure how to prep it? Priming is an important step in the painting process, so it’s crucial to do it right. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to prepare your car for primer and offer some tips on what grit sandpaper to use, what … Read more

CRACKED Bodywork? What to do??๐Ÿ˜ฑ – Auto Body and Paint Q&A LIVE from Paradice Garage

I hope you enjoyed our quick Autobody Q&A Live session from Paradice Garage. I hope this Autobody Q&A helped you out with your AutoBody and Paint projects, especially to those with “Cracked Bodywork”. Get your Free AutoBody Training Guides and Videos here and join me on my YT Live AutoBody Q&A session to get great information to help you with … Read more

When to use 2k Primer and Epoxy Primer: Autobody Q&A

Thanks for streaming with us today!โœŒ๏ธ Check out the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program to learn more about DIY auto body work and paint. The #BossPainter is back with another auto body Q&A session! Todayโ€™s focus question is When to use 2k Primer and Epoxy Primer. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel, as the โ€œBossPainterโ€ will be giving away … Read more