Auto Body Rust Repair, Strip Paint From Metal, Painting Rims, Water/Solvent-based Cleaners || Q&A

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QUESTION: Got an 84 k5 blazer that needs a new paint job. It ​has obvious Bondo work with little rust spots and is possibly painted with enamel. How should I tackle this? It’s all grey and thinking of painting it black. ​Should I go down to all metal with paint stripper, or DA sander then epoxy prime? Can you add Bondo to the old Bondo? Thanks again! I joined your VIP  membership a few days ago.

So the number one thing you want to think about is -is this a sentimental job? Or is it something that you just want to put a paint job on that will look good for 5 – 10 years and you’re not going to worry about it too much? Is this like a collector showpiece type of job? What kind of job do you want to put on this thing? Right? That’s the number one thing you want to think about. 

And also what type of money and time do you want to put into this thing? Do you want to get all top-quality materials, take your time, or just going to do something quick, get it sanded down, and just look good? Because you can do a pretty quick and easy paint job and have it come out decent. It depends on what your ideal end result is going to be.

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If it’s going to be a sentimental show job, you’re going to keep it in the garage, you want to put the best paint job on, then you might want to strip it down. But it’s not necessary, if it’s an enamel single-stage paint job on it you could just sand the paint down as long as the car hasn’t been painted 4 or 5 times, you really don’t have to strip it.

So if it’s painted 2 – 3 times max, you can get away with it. So you got the original color, it’s been painted before, and you could probably paint it again without stripping it. But any more than that, unless it’s going to be like a quick paint job like you just want to paint it and sell it -a flip type of thing, yes, you could put the 4th paint job on it or the 5th paint job on it, and it’s still gonna look good. You’re just gonna have a lot of paint on it.

Think about those types of things. If it’s going to be a sentimental thing you might want to strip it down or sand it down to the metal, put some epoxy primer on it followed by a 2k filler primer, and block it out. If you got bodywork, you can just grind through the primer and do your body work or while it’s in the middle stage you could do your body work. Get it all flat, shape it while it’s in the middle stage, and put your epoxy primer on it. Let that dry for a few hours then put 2 – 3 coats of 2k filler primer on it then you’re ready to block out and paint. So hopefully that helps.

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