How To SPRAY Raw Plastic, Aluminum, and Steel Car Parts (Single Stage BOSS BLACK)

In this post, we’re going to give a lot of tips on the step-by-step process of prepping and painting raw plastic, aluminum, and steel parts using single-stage. Know what sandpaper grit to use, the PSI settings, the paint, and the tools you need for a project like this. Don’t forget to sign-up for to Learn Auto … Read more

How I Plasti-Dipped My CRV Rims in HAWAII 🤩

Did you enjoy the video? Check out the LABAP VIP course that will help turn you into an auto body and paint pro, from home! Hey, it’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie! Today’s video is all about How I Plasti-Dipped My CRV Rims in HAWAII 🤩 I’m in a $1200 car I just purchased. This used to … Read more

How To Paint a Car or Motorcycle Part 1

How to Paint a Car or Motorcycle

Hey, Hey, Hey! Check out this 1988 Yamaha YSR50 Project. We did a frame-off restoration. To get the complete videos, make sure to check the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Course. Click on the video to watch some clips as I take you through some of the step-by-step process on what you need to do to bang out … Read more

Bumper Cover Scratch Repair Made Easy – How To Repair Plastic Bumper Scratches

how to repair plastic bumper scratches

Hey! What’s up? In this quick video, I will talk about how to repair plastic bumper scratches quickly and easily. When you get little bumper cover scuff on your car, like when you hit one of those yellow hydrant posts or something and you get a lot of paint on your car…most times it looks … Read more