How I Plasti-Dipped My CRV Rims in HAWAII 🤩

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Hey, it’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie! Today’s video is all about How I Plasti-Dipped My CRV Rims in HAWAII 🤩

I’m in a $1200 car I just purchased. This used to be a delivery vehicle. It used to be a project which I showed in LearnAutoBodyAndPaint a couple of years ago. 

This is a flip I did about 9-10 years ago. I sold it to my stepfather’s friend then a few years ago, my stepfather bought it back and made it a food delivery vehicle for his Japanese restaurant here in Hawaii.

It has 125,000 and runs great but it has issues like the AC needs work, it’s filthy and it also needs paint. Although, I think this is a good deal already since I bought it back for $1200. I’ll show you how filthy it looks but it still runs excellent. 

We’re going to the beach because my daughter asked for it. And then, I’ll show you how I will detail this thing as the inside is nasty. 😱 We’ll deep clean and paint it so it will look awesome again. Then, I plan to flip this thing again.

Here’s the 2003 Honda CRV. It’s faded on the bumper, the hood and some other parts as well as the lights. We’ll do plasti-dip on the rims.

I’m thinking of repainting this completely white with raptor liner. What do you think? 🤔 It will be quick spruce and do white single-stage enamel and do interior detail. 

Continue watching the video as I tell you more of what I think of doing in this CRV Project and do a demo on how to Plasti-Dip this car.

What do you think about the rims after I Plasti-dipped it? 

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