Plasti Dip Rims Durability Myth – Peel Off Plasti Dip – Lug Nut Test – 1 Year Later

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This is a video made as a follow-up to my other video on Plasti Dip.  We’ll talk about Plasti Dip rims durability and bust some myths.

We plastidipped  four rims of a car and I’ve been getting a lot of questions over the year.

How durable is it? Is it easy to peel back off?…etc.

This video is going to be exactly about that. We’re  going peel it off after  being on the car for about a year and talk about durability and a couple of other things.

As far as durability, it holds up amazing. Rocks, chips…never had any. It never peeled off. I just started peeling it for this video so I can have a piece to grab.

We gave it a good 3-4 coats, covered it beautifully as you can see. When I sprayed the Plasti Dip on, I didn’t take off the lug nuts, the rim…all I did was covered the rear disc brake with a plastic bag and you know people gave me heat…

”Oh why are you painting over the lug nuts?” “Why don’t you take the whole rim off?” or about painting the back of it well…

All I wanted to do was just to get the black look outside, you know. It looked great! Never had a problem with it. Nobody even knew it was just Plasti Dip.

So now I will peel it off. And yes, it may be harder to peel off on the inner side of the rim where it’s kind of more like an overspray. But we’ll see how that comes out right now.

If anything, I’ll just repaint it. No big deal.

As far as the lug nuts, I snapped the lug nuts off once to take the tire off and it didn’t peel the Plasti Dip within the lug nut area. I  just basically pulled it out and just took the Plasti Dip off the lug nuts. You can’t even tell that they were tampered with. Maybe on one, a little bit from the impact wrench but overall, this thing held up for a year with no problems.

So let’s go ahead and start peeling it off and see  what happens.

This is about a year of being on my rim and it held up beautifully. When I wash the car, I scrub it with a brush, but there’s been no scratches…no nothing.

It held up really nice and I think it comes off pretty easily, too. You can see it’s still peeling off nicely after being on the rim for a year.

Part of the trick is to just put it on thick. This way it’s easy to peel off. You know if you put it on thin, you will have a problem.

It’s pretty cool because it  preserved the rim.

In some areas where it was thin, it was a little harder to take off so I just had to rub it with my fingers to come off. But not a big deal.

So my #1 recommendation is: when you put Plasti Dip on, put it on thick! The thicker you put it on, the easier your job will be when you’re ready to take it off to put a new color on it or leave as is.

Considering this has been on 105 degree heat to 15 degree ice, we put up probably 5,000 miles on this car within the year (We don’t drive it all around, it’s just a side vehicle)…I’ll say the Plasti Dip is pretty cool stuff, super durable!

I hope that answered a lot of your questions on this stuff…

Yes, it’s durable.

Yes, it peels off.

Yes, you could spray it with the lug nuts on and then take the lug nuts off later and not have a problem.

You know if  you want, you can take the whole rim off, clean the back sides, spray all of it.

I hope this video clears some stuff up for you. If you want to learn about auto body and paint, putting on custom body kits or painting a complete car, all that kind of stuff…check out our Training Course and VIP Community!

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