Tony in Hawaii: The New Shop 🥳

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The #BossPainter is in the house! Today’s blog is entitled Tony in Hawaii: The New Shop. 

What’s up, auto body nation! It’s a quiet time now to do YouTube live since my friends in the auto body shop took a break. 

Here’s the new place over here at Sand Island, Hawaii. Check out all the parking space, the boat, spray booth that we’re going to throw out and put a new system up.

This here is the motor 454 completely rebuilt by Schneider’s Engine Shop in Waipahu. They did it for a pretty good deal. 

We now have here the Avalanch that’s in progress. They did some color sanding and buffing in some areas. They also did some water sanding with 1500-grit. 

Here’s my brand new BMW i3 Project. It had 29,000 miles with a carbon-fiber body with crazy water spots. It was a nightmare. I was like vinegar and water won’t take that out, not even a clay bar or mineral killer. It would take some hardcore buffing to fix it.

I’m taking some step-by-step videos on the process to do this in my new shop! Again, we’re in Sand Island. The room upstairs is an office. We have a great shop space down here. The other bay is over there. I’m still in the process of moving in. 

Check out my beach stuff. I’ve been going to the beach and hanging out. I’m enjoying life. It’s awesome. 

In the meantime, I’m making cool videos on color sanding and buffing, taking out really bad water spots.

There’s no rust on this because it’s plastic reinforced fiber. You won’t get too much rust but if you’re near the ocean, you’ll still get it. It’s not too bad though. Check out the video as I show you. 👍

We’re also painting this S10 Project here. Another content in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program is this box truck. Check it out!

A friend of mine got this from his friend. It runs great but we’ll need to replace the door, fix some areas and flip it. It’s a $3500 flip. There it is. The Hulk whacked it with his arm. LOL! 🤪

If you want to see some rust, check out this Mazda Project here. Ouch! 😱

It’s Tony in Hawaii: The New Shop. Thanks for joining me today. I see a lot of VIPs right now. You guys are awesome! How are you liking the program so far? 

I’m getting darker because I’ve been going to the beach. I’m getting back to the old me. I’ll be uploading new content with the projects that are lined up here in Hawaii. It’s super exciting and it will be a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

Question: What would be the most economical way to paint the box truck with white paint?

You need to just base coat clear coat it. If you use enamel paint, everything will turn white like your shoes and have white all over. 

Now, this is what happens when you lose the keys to your toolbox. Cut the damn thing open. That’s how we roll. I didn’t do that. That’s my friend’s toolbox. LOL! 🤣

I’m heading out and get back to work buffing that car project. For those who want to start their own custom car projects. Download your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual to learn more and have awesome resources to information to help you get started.

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Talk soon! Cheers! 


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