Prepping Rust Using Inhibitor Naval Jelly or 50/50 Vinegar Water 😉

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We’re back for another Q&A episode! It’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie and this video is entitled Prepping Rust Using Inhibitor Naval Jelly or 50/50 Vinegar Water. 

Here’s a question about rust from Paul:

I have a motorcycle tank that I’m painting out and took it down to bare metal. It has two rust spots on it which is deep. I’m having a hard time to remove it. Can I use a rust inhibitor on it? And then 2K primer over it and spray with base coat clear coat? 

Yes, absolutely. That is the way to do it! My only reminder is to scuff the treated area really well before you put the filler primer. 

You might be using a product like the Naval Jelly rust inhibitor. Check out the video as I show you some products online. 🙂

You can also use a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar as a rust inhibitor.  That’s what I make and use on my projects. 

When you sand and have the surface rust exposed. Grab a rag with the mixture of water and vinegar and put it on. It will turn a darker color then let it dry. 

After that, wipe the area with a wet rag and let it dry once more. Then, scuff it with 150-grit before you use 2K filler primer then block it out. 

If it looks like it still has some pitting in the area and in the metal, put some spot putty on top of it and block that out to fill the pitting. 

It’s a different issue if it has holes since you’ll be cutting and welding a new piece of sheet metal in but since yours is a tank project, I doubt you’ll need to do that. 

It’s Tony B. Richie the #BossPainter. Thanks for joining me in this short video on Prepping Rust Using Inhibitor Naval Jelly or 50/50 Vinegar Water. 

I have some videos of my own tank projects which I recommend you guys should check out as well. 

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Tony B. Richie. 

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  1. I have a question I have the five window coop we took all the paint off . Can’t finish the job now . What can we put on it until we can Finish the body work? To keep it from rusting.


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