Tips On How To Remove Rust From Your Car – AutoBody Q&A

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What’s the purpose of rust inhibitor?

Rust Inhibitor will basically help you kill your rust. You can buy a rust inhibitor at Autozone or NAPA or any of your local auto busy supply shops should have something a Naval Jelly Rust Inhibitor.

Or you could just get white vinegar, those gallons of white vinegar. Mix that 50-50 with water, put in a spray bottle or rag and you could literally grind down rust on your car. Treat it and then you could put your epoxy primer on top of it as long as you kind of kill the rust with the acidity of the vinegar and you’re good to go. So you could go that cheap route as well. Grind it, wash it with the vinegar-water mixture, and of course scuff it again before you put the epoxy primer on top of it.

What is the reason for a foggy/cloudy clearcoat?

It could be the clear coat or the spray gun, it could be the water in your line. If you don’t have proper filtration for your air, you’re going to get a little bit of water coming out of your line which will mix into the atomization in the spray. Then you’ll get this cloudy fog and it’s literally water. Its condensation, its moisture in your clearcoat will give you that fogginess. 

So number one make sure you have the proper filter set up on your compressor. I like to run a double filter system. So my first filter comes off a filter/regulator that comes off the air compressor. 

Then the second one you have to have is a filter right at the bottom of your gun for last-minute filtration, so make sure you have this on it and of course your gauge.

Can I fill Fisheyes in, then sand?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that it’s not filled with compound because sometimes people try to buff out fisheyes like they’ll water sand it flat, they’ll buff it but they didn’t cut down enough right and then you still have a compound in the little fisheyes. They will try to respray it so it ends up with a chemical reaction because of that compound in there. So just make sure that it’s not filled with compound and if you do, fill it with glaze putty.

What’s the recommended PSI for operating a DA with 1500 for cut and buffing?

You’re gonna need at least 20 pounds of pressure coming out to run that thing. You could run on 20 or 10, but you’re not going to have enough movement and vibration and cutting. I would say 30-40 pounds, at least that you should be.


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