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Question: Flaking Paint Problem – I have a 04 GMC. The only spot starting to flake off is a dollar size patch on the front fender. If I want to repaint the truck should I take it all down to primer?

You don’t have to go all the way to primer. Just sand out the imperfections, feather out the fading/flaking paint, and cut down through the clear coat but you don’t have to go all the way down to metal or even to primer.

Maybe just cut most of the clear coat off, this way you know that you’re getting rid of that old crap clear and then you’re putting new paint and clear on top of that.

You may even want to just give it a 2k primer if you’re going to paint the whole truck and sand it down. You could even go like a 240-280 grit if you’re gonna prime it.

240-280 will help you cut down all those flakes and cracks or whatever you got on there. Then put two coats of filler primer on top of the whole thing and you want to cut that down with 400 grit. And you should be good. 👍

Question: What Primer Do You Recommend For Painting Bumper and Trim?

Any type of 2k primers. So whatever your local auto body shop has in stock, ask them what gets good reviews and just get that. There are so many different brands and sub-brands out there. 

I just started using European genuine coatings for my epoxy primer and it came out good. First time I ever used it. Once you find a good product, you’ll stick to it. I like Shop Line, House of Kolor for now. They work well for me. Sometimes I’ll experiment on new epoxy primers or 2k primers or even clear coats and stuff, and it’s just a hit and miss.

Some products you know are good so you just might wanna skip getting some crap stuff and just get the good stuff if you’re working on a sentimental project. Or a project you feel like you’re not gonna do again for a long time where you just want to get done right the first way then spend a little extra. Get a good product you know, a good quality product, and then just do it.

Hopefully, that helps, so that’s what I’m doing.

Question: What is the best “clear coat” for a beginner?

I think any clear coat is good, it depends on how much money you got. I should say use good clear. Try to use good clear because you don’t wanna use crappy clear where it ends up getting dull after a week or two. That’s called cheap clears, just beware of cheap clears.

Sometimes you can get cheap clears for like under a hundred dollars a gallon kit. Some of them are good, some of them have a yellow tinge which I don’t like. The clearer the better because sometimes you mix it, you’ll have a yellow hint but when you put it on the paint and car, you won’t notice it. But it has that because of a cheaper materials

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