U Pol Glaze Spot Putty Application & Sanding Tips Before You Paint Your Car

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Hi it’s Tony with another video on the U Pol Glaze Spot Putty Application & Sanding Tips Before You Paint Your Car.

We’ll be applying some glaze putty on the some panels. We mixed up some U Pol Glaze Putty to put on the Daihatsu Mini Truck Project. Check out the entire video as I do a demo.

You fill it, let it dry then block sand it with 400-grit to get it nice and flat. After which, we’ll wash the entire truck down and block sand with 400-grit wet sand.

Make sure that you don’t go down to metal when you do your wet sanding. You just need to sand it flat and smooth.

Doing glaze putty is the final step of the process. When using the spreader, make sure that you want to make sure they are really clean.

I clean it off with my nail. But I like to also use my jeans to clean the tip off to shave off the old plastic, which makes it very nice and smooth. This is what I do to all the squeegees when doing body filler or glaze putty.

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