Lumaiii Spray Gun Light or GunBudd Ultra Lighting System? 💡

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Hey, it’s Tony here! I’m back with today’s video entitled Lumaiii Spray Gun Light or GunBudd Ultra Lighting System?

I’ve been wanting to do a review on this product called the GunBudd which was was given to me a few months ago its makers. 

This is similar to the spray gun light called Luma Light which is attached to your spray gun to help you see more when painting. 

They look really cool but so expensive at a couple hundred bucks. I would never pay that kind of money for it but I think it’s a cool idea. 

The makers of GunBudd sent me five of these things a couple of months ago and I used them painting cars in the garage in total darkness. They worked really well. I have a demo at the end of this video to show you how beneficial this product is when doing your painting. 

They gave me some and I’ll probably give them away to some of you here in the channel. Sounds good? 🤩

I need you guys to comment below and let me know what you think of this GunBudd! They are about ⅛ of the cost of the Luma Light since you can get them at about $25 to $35. 

They are on sale on Zoolaa so visit the website and check them out now. 

The second generation of this product is a glass lens so you can clean them with lacquer thinner. However, you’ll always have overspray no matter what. 

What I recommend is to get a sheet of Saran Wrap, cover and protect it. Check out the video as I show you how! 

An alternative to this is buying a headlight from Home Depot and mount it. 

But this product is different because the strap is adjustable for all spray gun cup sizes. I strapped it on my 1000ml cup here as well as my 350ml cup and 300ml one. It’s fully adjustable and universal for all spray gun types. 

I’m a big fan of the Atom Spray Guns so I have them set up on these guns. 

This is the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun, which is the new one. On the other hand, this is the Atom X9 Side-Feed Spray Gun that I always use in tight areas. 

This spray gun is good for painting underneath your cars. You can tilt it up or down. It’s also a super awesome gun. 

Another cool thing about the GunBudd is its touchless sensor. You can turn it off and on by just waving your hand in front of it. Really cool! 

We normally do our paint job under the sun and not under these fluorescent lights like the ones here in my garage so the GunBudd manufacturers know that and made sure that it’s brighter. 

It’s very bright because it has the COB/LED light which gives you daytime light. It shines like the sunlight is hitting your paint job. This product works really well and is so beneficial.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Luma Light System, try one of these. They gave me five of them for review. I don’t know why they gave me so many, but I’m keeping two and I’m going to give away three of them. 

Comment, share this video with friends and family, especially the painters! Show them how cool this product is. 

Again, this is a review of the GunBudd Lighting System. What do you think? Lumaiii Spray Gun Light or GunBudd Ultra Lighting System? 😉

For about $30, it’s a pretty cool gadget! Keep watching for a demo of spraying with it. 

Talk soon! Cheers! 

Tony B. Richie

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  1. I think it is a good idea and i would love to try one if i could find out how and were to buy one please let know were i can buy the light


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