How To Repair Rust Using Kitty Hair or Bondo Hair

Learn how to repair rust on car. In this video and post I will cover the best materials to use for rust bubble repairs that are less than 1.5″ in diameter.

This whiteboard presentation was made to get to the point quick.

In my VIP training videos I completely reveal the step-by-step strategized that you need to bang out a successful rust repair patch job.

Step 1 Grind Off Rusted Area Down To Metal

Use a stone or coarse 16 grit disc for your grinder.

Grind the entire area clean. Be carful and watch your disc rotation. You want to grind away from an opening not into an opening.

Especially if your using a disc. You may have the chance of the disc ripping from the jagged rust edges and propelling toward you.

Grind two to three inches around rusted area to give yourself a nice working area.

Step 2 Rust Treatment

You have a few options to treat your metal. You can use rust mort, naval jelly or even a simple solution as vinegar water!

Yep I said that right. Of you have some white vinegar at home simply mix it 50/50 or so, give or take with water then get a rag and dunk it in to your concoction and wipe on rusted area.

Let dry for ten to fifteen minutes, scuff with sand paper, then you’re ready to lay your Bondo Hair product.

how to repair rust

Step 3 Filling Holes With Bondo Hair

Be sure to tap high corners down before filling. Actually you should do this before you start cleaning it with your solution rag.

Also be sure to get to the back of the panel if you can. Clean it, and repeat the same process if possible.

If you can get to it and sand down your filler, then great! If not, try and seeing if you can spray some rubberized undercoating over the back to seal it from the elements.

Here’s what the rubberized undercoating looks like.

That’s basically it. Now you’re ready for some primer and paint.

This is how to repair rust on car.

Of course, this strategy is totally different from repairing larget rust holes.

Larget areas require sheet metal patches and some welding. I usually love to spot weld.

I also have complete videos on these steps above plus more all in our Totally Awesome LABAP VIP course.

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  1. Hi Tony
    I’m sure many people are like me. With signing up, buying all the tools, paint, material, think it’s still cheaper for a body shop. and people like me who only may do 1 or 2 small paint jobs. I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t interested.

    • hey Alan,

      The average cost of a good paint job is around 4-5k.

      There are a lot of guys who like to learn new skills and do their own projects. Plus after you have all your tools and an air compressor, the rest is money making opportunity if you want it. Here are the main tools that you need to get started. Check out this awesome post here: The 7 Must Have Auto Body Tools

      In all you can get all of that pretty cheap and even cheaper if bought used from craigslist or a local swapmeet. Good luck man! P.S. let me know how you liked that post too 🙂

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