Easy DIY – Installing Window Vent Visors on Your Car or Truck

It’s Tony with another live stream. Thanks for joining me today. Our topic for this week is Easy DIY – Installing Window Vent Visors on Your Car or Truck.

I ordered a pair of Ventvisors on Ebay. It’s a little pricey but I’ve always wanted to put these on my truck. These are great on trucks and SUVs and for cars too. It allows you to crack your window when it’s raining if you don’t want to put the A/C on.

It’s super easy and quick to put on your truck. The kit includes a 2-way tape and has already been pre-installed. It also comes with Scotch Brite and alcohol.

Since it’s a new truck, I won’t have to go crazy degreasing it and cleaning it up. Check out the video as I make a demo. Watch where I scuff the truck then install the Ventvisors.

When you roll your window up, it also helps press your window up and set in place. It’s super simple. I like these particularly because it’s not that wide.

Yes, they do have these on AutoZone as well. I ordered mine on eBay because I’m lazy and I don’t want to drive out to the store. I just ordered mine online.

Question: I want to know more about Paintless Dent Removal. What can you say about it? [10:21]

Paintless Dent Removal is awesome but it’s a specialized skill. You need to learn how to do it and put some time and practice into it. You also need the tools. That’s not my specialty. I’ve tested it out years ago with some friend’s tools but didn’t really put in a lot of time to learn more.

Question: How long should I wait to color sand and buff on fresh paint? [10:54]

That would really depend on several situations. If you’re in a shop where you’re continuously working on jobs, so you’ll need speed clears and fast reducers. Majority of the clears can be color sanded and buffed the next day given that you have the correct mixture.

If you put less hardener than what was prescribed, then your paint will take longer to cure. However, I personally wait a week or two weeks before I sand my cars down so I can give my clear coat a time to cure.

There’s no end time. You can color sand and buff a year, or two years later.  That’s perfectly fine.

Question: I’ve been using a 1.3mm tip for clear and it doesn’t seem to be flowing. I’m scared to get runs. [13:03]

1.3mm and 1.4mm tip sizes are perfect for automotive refinishing. I don’t think it’s your tip size. I would probably think it’s your clear coat, your mixture and how you’re laying it on.

You’re probably too far from the panel and not laying it on enough. It’s better to have runs than having a dry paint job.

If your paint job is too dry looking and it’s not flowing on, you’ll have problems color sanding and buffing it out.

If you have enough clear coat on the panel, you could fix it, color sand and buff it. However, if you don’t have enough clear on it, you’ll have to sand it down and re-clear it. So, I’d rather put too much clear and run it, than not have enough clear.

Remember, when you’re clearing it, you need to see how it’s laying on. Use the light and see how it’s laying on. It has to be coming on glossy. Take your time and make sure that your clear is getting on there.

Question: Is aerosol okay to just paint a mirror? [20:45]

As long as you’d do it on 2K clear coats and not on single-stage. As much as possible, use the better clear coats.

Question: I’ve repaired a few dents with bondo. I didn’t prime the metal and it rusted. [22:51]

If it’s just a little bit of surface rust, make sure you re-sand to get the rust out and re-prime it. If you feel that you need to do more body work, of course, you’d want to scuff that and do your skin on it.

We do have step-by step videos on color sand and buffing in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program. For those of you who would like to get access to it, check out VIP now.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. If you want to start cranking on your own car projects, download the FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual now. You’ll get a lot of information on how to start with this skill and learn more about auto body work.

Thanks everyone for joining me today. Appreciate all of your support. Join me again next Thursday at 9 pm Eastern. I did it earlier today because I need to go out with my family and just skip tonight’s show.

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