How To Start A Mobile Auto Body Repair Business on Budget!

It’s Tony with another live stream. Thank you all for joining me today. We’re going to discuss How To Start A Mobile Auto Body Repair Business on Budget!

I get a lot of questions about mobile business. I even got a question about how paints are there because he’d like to stock up on all paints. That’s impossible! You can’t possibly stock up on all of the paints.

Let me tell you more about mobile auto body repair. This is when you go to customer houses to do the job in their garage. You’ll even use their electricity. Or, it could also mean that you get their cars to your location and use your truck as your main shop.

I even got a question about how paints are there because he’d like to stock up on all paints. That’s impossible! You can’t possibly stock up on all of the paints.

What you need to do is invest in your tools. It’s good to have a van or a truck. You obviously need a spray gun, lacquer thinner, a 20-25 gallon air compressor. If you want to go a little bigger, I don’t think a 30-gallon would hurt you, it just would take up space though.

You’ll need at least 25-30 feet of hose, depending on what length you’re going to get them at. Also, an air line which is quarter-inch inside and 3/8 diameter outside, to hook it up to your spray gun.

Then, for the materials, you’ll need sandpaper, bondo, glaze putty and primer. You’ll need those in your truck as well.

It’s recommended to do small repair jobs, if you’ll do this mobile business. You can repaint fenders, bumpers, hoods, quarter panels and do minor body work. You’ll be making $500 to $1000.

Remember, you don’t need to buy all the different colors of paints. That’s insane. What you need to do is hook up with your local supplier. Or, you could call your customer to ask about their car’s paint code.

I had a cheat sheet where you can find the color codes on the cars. If you don’t have that, I’ll find that sheet and send it to you guys to download.

I just launched my book Tube Cash and selling it on Amazon. It’s not live on Kindle yet because we’re going to be launching a campaign and make it an Amazon bestseller. This is a print-on demand.

I have a different pen name for Tube Cash since this is different from auto body work. I’ve been really busy with this. Of course, you’d want to make different streams of income for your family. My wife never really had to work. Ultimately, that’s what you’d want for your family, to provide more for your wife and kids, where your wife doesn’t have to work and help with the income. I’m sure you’ll agree with this too.

Question: Any concerns about paint in the open air when you’re doing something mobile like this? [29:23]

Not really unless you have nice cars around you. But then, the clay bar will clear all of that. It’s pretty awesome. It works on anything like windows too, except on textured plastic bumpers where it’s just going to smear on it.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I’d like to thank you again for keeping me company today. Join me again next Thursday at 9pm Eastern.

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4 thoughts on “How To Start A Mobile Auto Body Repair Business on Budget!”

  1. Hey I know people don’t usually say or like to help out but one question I have is what is the license called that you need for mobile scratch and paint repair ?

  2. Hey there brother, do you happen to know what kind of permits I’d need to set up my mobile auto body business in California? More specifically in the Los Angeles area?
    I’d probably keep it simple and only paint manageable pieces like bumpers, fenders, hoods, at max. A quarter panel.
    I have my business license but I want to make sure I have proper permits before going out and about in the world. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks bro keep up the good work


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