PAINT PREP: The Parts or Trim That You Can Remove When Painting Your Car

Hey, it’s Tony. Thanks for watching the video and checking out the blog today. Today’s topic is PAINT PREP: The Parts or Trim That You Can Remove When Painting Your Car.

How many of you guys are wondering how far to go when disassembling a car and what parts to take off? I’ll do a quick demon on my mini-truck. We’ll take some parts off the truck while discussing why I’m taking them off.

When doing a complete paint job, it all depends on how much of a good job you want to do. Do you want to do a really meticulous paint job or just a quick one? As for me, I’ll be doing a custom paint job on my mini-truck and want it to look really nice, so I’m going to take everything off.

Please watch the video as I demo this for you! Sometimes these clips on the lights will break. It happens and that’s fine. You just need to buy new clips on eBay, Amazon or a dealer.

Now, we’ll take off the mirror quickly. You can custom paint these parts if you want to. Just sand them, primer and custom paint them. You can always put the screws in a little container or put them back in the holes.

Another thing that I want to take off when doing a complete paint job is the molding. The weather strips for the window. It’s good to take these off if you want to do a nice paint job.

I like to take them out so when we’re sanding, we can easily mask off from the inside and tape it and it’s going to look nice when we put them back.

Before I put these back, I’d get some lacquer thinner and wipe them nice and clean. They’ll look brand new again.

Now that there’s no molding on the window, I usually put some tape around it and roll it back in. I’m not going to take the glass out of the door. The handle will also stay.

I don’t like taking out windshields. I’m not a glass guy. I have a glass guy that I would call. They would hold it for me and when I’m ready, they’d come back to install it.

I’d suggest you do the same because if you crack a windshield, it’s going to cost you at least $350 for replacement.

Now, watch how I take off the windshield wipers. You can get a piece of tape and mark it for you to know which one is for the passenger side and driver side.

Question: What parts or trim should I remove when painting a car? [9:29]

It all comes down to personal preference. How much of a nice paint job do you want to do? Obviously the more stuff you take off, the less you have to be tedious when masking, the nicer the paint job is going to come it. You won’t have to worry about overspray on your trims or lights, etc.

Question: What psi to shoot epoxy primer? [11:52]

It depends on how thick it is. Usually you want to see how it’s shooting out. You can be shooting from 18 psi to 28 psi. It’s all going to depend on how thick it is and the tip size you’re using.

Remember, that you don’t want to paint your car in pieces when you’re doing custom colors because you may end up with different colors. You won’t have an even shot.

When you’re doing candy or even if you’re doing a custom body kit color, you need to make sure those panels are on the car in one piece. On the other hand, if you’re doing a solid color, nothing really custom, you can do it in pieces.

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