WARNING: How To Remove Oil Marks From Body Panels Before Paint! 💧

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Hello #BossPainter community! It’s Tony B. Richie with another question from a subscriber. Today’s video is entitled, WARNING: How To Remove Oil Marks From Body Panels Before Paint!

Here’s the question: 

I’ve been working on a Factory Five Racing Roadster with a fiberglass body and I’ve done most of the body work – getting the trunk, hood and doors. I’ve done the body filler and all other needed work but, health issues prevented me to move forward with the project. The body has been sitting in the garage and accumulated a lot of stuff on it. 

Here’s a photo of a part of it where there’s a stain and there are also areas with bird and other animal crap. What’s the best way to prepare the body before priming? 

It looks like this we have some oil stains on your panel. The best way to remove this is using a good degreasing grease soap and wash it down two to three times with a sponge. 

The stain might still show but most likely take most of the oil out of it. I’d then recommend something a little stronger like a wax and grease remover or even a lacquer thinner to wipe the area down.

Start wet sanding it with 400-grit to wash it down and try test priming it. It looks like it will need a 2K filler primer. That’s how I recommend you do with that stain. 

Indeed, it is essential to do body work over cleaned surfaces. The worst thing you can do with this project is to start wet sanding it because you might spread this oil mark on other areas of the panel. 

There’s a great product on Zoolaa that you need to check out. Zoolaa’s Magic Clay Bar is an awesome product used to remove contaminants on your car surfaces like car paint, fiberglass, metal and glass. 

Thanks for joining me on this short video entitled WARNING: How To Remove Oil Marks From Body Panels Before Paint!  I hope you enjoyed watching!

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