Removing Oil and Grime From Primed Surfaces – Wax & Grease, And Dish Soap! 💦

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s blog is entitled, Removing Oil and Grime From Primed Surfaces with Dish Soap! Here’s another question from James. 

“Hi Tony, I have a question. I have my car in high build primer, nearly ready for sealer. I got some grease/dirt on it while moving it. Pushed on the wheel/tire/frame, then pushed on the body with dirty hands. What’s the correct way to deal with this? I tried grease/wax remover from the auto paint store, but it didn’t do much. I’m concerned if I sand it, it’ll grind oil into the primer and cause problems.

You can use a Shopline or Dupont version. Then,sand the area with 600- grit with dish soap and wash the area really well. 

Wash all the areas where you have the oil mark smudges with some sandpaper, sand the primer down and get it out. Then, wash it again with wax and grease remover and sand it again.

I recommend that you re-prime those areas and see how it sits. If you dig your job correctly, the primer sealer would go right back on top of it, then you won’t have a problem. You can cut and finish on top of that. 

Make sure you cover it with new filler primer before you do any work. However, you need to clean it multiple times.

You might still see some little marking, but I think that’s because of the stain. But, that’s fine. I know exactly what you’re going through and I’ve painted over that with no issues whatsoever after cleaning it with dish soap and wax and grease remover. 

Just make sure that you don’t paint directly over it, but you prime again and then you follow through with your sealer and your base coat clear coat.  

James, and thank you for sharing your photo. The project looks really cool I’d like to see the motor on it. 

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