Painting Custom Pearl Paint in Two Sections? 🤔

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Hey, it’s the #BossPainter here with another video for the Q&A series. Today’s video is entitled Painting Custom Pearl Paint in Two Sections?

“Hey, Tony. Here’s my question. I have a ‘99 Dodge Dakota that was totaled and I have rebuilt it. I am planning to paint it white base with a blue pearl midcoat. This will be my first time spraying base and clear, hough I have sprayed bedliner before. I have some experience with prep work. I will be spraying in my garage with an LVLP and a 28-gallon compressor. My garage is wide enough to do the job, but the truck doesn’t fit lengthwise.

Should I pull the bed back off and sprayed the cab and bed sections separately? If I do that, how can I guarantee the same mix and coverage with the mid-coat pearl? Should I premix the pearls into the gallon can of midcoat or is there another way? Is doing a full pearl paint job with an LVLP a stupid thing to try? I have been watching every video that I can find on pearl but most of them are about blending and matching, not full paint jobs. Thanks in advance.”

If you’re doing custom colors, it’s best to do that at one shot because you can see what you’re doing and match up the colors. It is tricky if you do it in sections especially with a custom color like that. 

As for the question on premixing pearls, I would say, no.  I don’t recommend premixing the pearls because that wouldn’t last until the next day. And yes, you can do a full pearl paint job with an LVLP. 

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If you can’t fit the entire truck, then you’ll have to split it into two sections. If you’re a newbie and this is your first job, consider painting it without the pearl. I’d recommend going with just white for now. Or, perhaps you can rent a booth or find a place where you can fit the entire truck.

You might have some discoloration in some areas. However, if you still want to take a chance, you need to make sure to measure your paint out well. 

If you’re putting an ounce of pearl into 2 quarts of clear coat, or an ounce and a half of pearl to 2 quarts of clear coat, then you’ll need to make sure to do the same for the other section of the truck. Put .75 ounces if you’re only mixing a quart. You’ll need more than a quart to do the bed. 

Here are your options: Option 1 is sticking with doing white. Option 2 is continue painting with pearl. Paint half the truck first then the rest next. Take your chances and try to match it up really well. Option 3 is rent spray booth or an area where you can fit the entire truck or maybe extend your garage and set up a tent. 

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