Car Paint Chip and Scratch Repair Methods 🚘

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. Today’s video is entitled, Car Paint Chip and Scratch Repair Methods. Here’s a question from Jeff of North Carolina. 

“I recently purchased a F150 truck. Overall the paint is in good condition. There are some normal chips on the driver door I would like to touch up. Instead of buying an off-the-shelf touch up kit. I’m planning on buying a half pint of base and using a paint dabber to touch up the color. Then using another dabber, apply multiple coats of clear to build up/fill in the chip. Here is where I’m not sure what to do next. Should I buff the clear smooth using a compound and buffer or should I start with 2000 grit then buff the clear smooth?”

Check out the video as I show you what a paint chip looks like. He’s thinking of using a dabber and touching up chips like that. 

I’ve done this thousands of times in cars. White is the easiest and black is not that bad. However, it will be quite hard for metallic colors. Spraying metallics atomizes from the spray gun and spreads on the panel, so when you just dab it on, you’ll just get a dark spot.

I’m not sure what color is your truck, but solid colors are going to give you an easier time. 

You don’t need to clear it multiple times and buff it. I’ll be throwing in some video links to check out. Check out my video as I play a demo on a BMW.

All he did was filling up the chips and wiping it all with his glove. Then he rinsed the area off with a solution to take paint off of the surface. 

You just may want to buy a touch-up kit, just like this one in the video. It’s called Dr. ColorChip on Autogeek. 

Chips are so tiny that you can usually fill it up with base and you’re good. Sometimes, you can mix your clear coat with a little bit of hardener/reducer and then pour it in your base coat. 

You’ll create something like a single-stage enamel and fill the chips and wipe it off with your finger.

You let it dry and then buff it up with your hand. I wouldn’t use any kind of machine because it will take it back down to ground zero. 

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