Moving Back To Hawaii Part 1 Live 🥳

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The #BossPainter is back with another YouTube live! It’s Tony B. Richie in the house and I’m moving back to Hawaii!

I’m sure you heard about it. This is part 1 of a couple of trips since I can’t just move back with one trip. It’s been a crazy year, quite exhausting but all worth it! 

Here’s my daughter, Mayah with me. “Mayah, when are we going back to Hawaii?”

Mayah: “Tomorrow!”

I’m packing a lot of stuff now. Check out my hard suitcase where I’ll be putting my iMac, which is also my video production machine to be shipped to Hawaii. 😉

This is going to be exciting and I’m super happy to move back to Hawaii. There will be a lot of changes and I’ll be putting out a lot of content when I get there.

I’ll be sharing with you the area as well as the new house that I bought. I closed this deal on December 31 and I’m super excited about it. 

Also, I am looking at another property in Hawaii which is on the mountain in the North Shore. I will be looking at it this weekend and if things turn out well, I may also get that.

It’s literally an estate on top of a mountain in the North Shore. Right above Sunset beach.

The property is amazing! There’s a family home and space for my shop. I can do a lot of videos there because the weather is not like this! LOL. The weather in Hawaii is amazing! 

It’s been my dream to get some place on top of the mountain. I’m the process of working out a deal and I’ve been speaking with the owner so there are a lot of things happening, it’s really busy but it’s a great kind of busy. 😉

YAY! I’ll be on the plane this time tomorrow. Yes! I’m moving back to Hawaii! I’ll be giving updates when I get there.

I will still be keeping my property here in Dallas. My other house is being rented for about 6 months now while my daughter and I are staying here at my office, which is a one bedroom apartment. It’s great because the house is paying for itself since I’m renting it out.

Another good thing about my move to Hawaii is that I’ll start doing local seminars to cover topics about online marketing and building your online empire.

This is something I am passionate about and I’d also like to share it with other people so they can get started with their online businesses.

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I’ll show you my garage. I’ll be shipping some stuff but I’m not sure about the car lift. I’d like to have that in Hawaii though.

The Chevelle is still here and will get that done by the time I get back here in April. I’m planning to do a butternut yellow paint job on it. I might put some flake on it and black graphic around the side. I may also put a 2-inch cowl on the hood just to give it some spice.

I’ve been traveling and it’s just a crazy year, traveling to Japan to see my wife and my other daughter, and to other places like the Philippines to see my crew, and then back to Dallas, then New York. Now, I’m going to Hawaii, baby! 🤩

Now, this is my Daihatsu Mini Truck. I tried selling it, there were offers but not at the price point that I wanted, since I put a lot of work on it, I decided to just keep it.

There will be tons of new projects when I get there in Hawaii and another update is that the CX-5 will also be released soon. My team is just working on some edits so thank you for patiently waiting guys and I assure you it will be worth the wait!

It’s Tony B. Richie of LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks everyone for joining me in today’s YouTube live. I really appreciate your support. Again, I’m moving back To Hawaii guys!

As you can see, my daughter, Mayah and I are quite ready to go. We have six bags, but I still have tons of things to fix before we leave. We’re also shipping Sandy, our dog soon. 

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Thanks everyone for joining me in today’s video announcing that I’m moving back to Hawaii. I’ll be flying out tomorrow morning. I’ll hit you up when I arrive in Hawaii.

Talk soon! Cheers!


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