🤔 Can You 2k Filler Primer Over Small Bare Metal Spots

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. 

Here’s another queston from Damien. I gave him some advice earlier on sanding his motorcycle fender and the decals. Here’s his follow up question. 

“Tony, thanks for the previous advice regarding how to handle these decals. I decided to sand them out because I wanted to do it the right way.”

He wants to know if he should just sand it smooth and then paint over it or just totally sand them out.

That depends if you want it done quickly or do it the right way, which is to take out the decals. 

The most common way in the automotive world, specifically in motorcycle paint jobs, is that they put the base coat, then the decal and clear coat over it. So the clear coat is covering the decals in the paint. The only way to get it out is to sand it  out. using 100-grit or 80-grit. 

Follow up question: “Can I just 2k prime over these bare metal spots? I’ve already feathered it out to 320-grit. Do you use a feather or something?” 

Yes, you’re absolutely right. Damien. I have a whole section in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program showing you exactly how to do this in step- by-step process. 

We have the YSR project and some other tank projects that shows that process. You will use 2k filler primer, and give it like 3 to 4 heavy coats. 

I do 1 to 2 passes, then let it dry for 10 minutes, and do another 2 passes and again let it dry. You can then block sand it out with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint. 

By the way, this looks pretty good.  It looks feathered out really well. I think you have a low spot here so you might want to put a body filler in this section over here.

You need to show me the finished project when you’re done. I can’t wait to see how it will look!

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Hope this helps not just Damien, but for those doing their own auto body work and paint. If you want to learn more, download your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual.

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