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It’s the Learn Auto Body & Paint Q&A Live by the #BossPainter. Tony Bandalos is back to answer your most burning auto body questions!

I’m in Hawaii, hooking up with my pals and planning to release a lot of new content for everyone especially the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIPs.

It’s going to take a while for the new shop. I’m still setting it up. It’s going to be very fun! 

Another thing, I also hooked up with my old Samoan friends with body shops and we’ll be showing you behind the scenes as well of the work they do.  Are you guys interested? Stay tuned! 😎

A lot of you are asking me why I am back in Hawaii. You can’t beat the weather here. This is where I grew up and my entire family is moving back here.

My mom is planning to sell the house since it’s a big house and she wants one with less maintenance so I just bought it from her instead. 😉

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There’s a 2003 Honda CRV that I’m rolling around here. It’s a flip I did about 9 years ago and I ended up buying it back for $1200. 

I will be documenting everything that I’ll be doing with this project and there’s actually one video about this project that is scheduled to be released after this YouTube live session so stay tuned!

Let’s move on to your questions!

Question: How do you prep a panel that someone plasti-dipped?

Hopefully they did not sand it. You need to peel that plasti-dip off. There’s no way you’ll be painting or prepping on top of that plasti-dip. 

Once you’ve peeled it off, you’ll just have to do the same process for auto body prep and get it ready for paint.

Question: What is the best way to get rust off a ‘97 Plymouth Deluxe?

You can just get a grinder and grind it off. If you have a hole, you may need to sheet metal spot weld it. 

However, before doing that, you need to get vinegar, water or naval jelly to kill the rust. Let it dry for about 30 minutes then scuff it and put body filler over it. 

If it’s a little surface rust, you can just put a edge primer to make it thick, scuff it flat with a little block and then 2K primer over it. You’re then ready for paint.

It all depends on how bad the rust is. 

Question: Any suggestions for a cheap paint booth?

You can try one of those blow-ups but they’re pretty costly. The one I’m getting is a used one for $1000 which is not too bad. I’ll be documenting it once we set it up. It’s going to be pretty neat. 

Question: I have new grade 2K primer on fiberglass fender. After sanding, I got back down to the white gel coat in sections. Can I base over this? 

Yes you can, but make sure you have primer over your gel coat. I wouldn’t base over your gel coat. 

You need to put a couple of coats of primer over it and sand it down. You should then be good to go. 

Question: Can I bondo over primer? 

Yes, absolutely! Make sure the area is scuffed up with 80-grit sandpaper. Prime on top of that and block it out. 

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Question: I’m having trouble with bad orange peel on single-stage urethane. Any tips for future use?

I’d try reducing the mixture by 5% and get it thinner. Also, you need to raise your spray gun pressure. 

It also depends what PSI you’re spraying at. You don’t want to be spraying too high on single-stage. I’d recommend 27-28 lbs trigger-pulled. You also need to make sure that it’s laying on glossy.

I’ve received feedback from one of my buddies that Sherwin-Williams is pretty good. I’ll actually be using Sherwin-Williams Clear Coat on the CRV. I’ll tell you how it goes. 

It’s always nice to have a real air compressor. Some use the turbines and it’s all good. However, if you have a real air compressor, because you can use all the pneumatic tools you want. You can do a lot of mechanic work and it’s really very useful. I definitely encourage you to invest in a good 60-gallon air compressor 5-HP at minimum. 

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