🚗 Single Stage Orange Peel Issue – How To Avoid Orange Peel in Your Paint Jobs!

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another quick Q&A video. Today’s topic is all about Single Stage Orange Peel Issue – How To Avoid Orange Peel in Your Paint Jobs! Here’s the question from James. 

“I just painted my wife’s Jeep and most of it turned out pretty good. I used PPG Single Stage with a medium reducer. It was about 70 degrees and I used a Warwick 863 H at about 25 psi to the gun. I get areas of bad orange peel, on the driver’s door side area mostly. Almost like dry spray. I am not understanding what I’m doing wrong. I have done a few cars in my time and I just did a ‘91 Camaro in bccc 2 days before and it turned out way better. Please help me out.”

I think that it’s probably your flow out. Try painting a little slower and get the paint on really well.

Also remember that thicker paint will give you orange peel. You may have to reduce it a little bit more to flow out better. I’m not sure about the recommended percentage, it varies from each paint system so you may need to check out the recommended percentage for that PPG Paint System.

I used to recommend the Warwick Spray Guns but I stopped since they’ve had quality control issues.You may want to try out the Atom Spray Guns as these are the only guns now that I use in my shop. You may want to look into the Atom Spray Guns on Zoolaa.

The Atom X27 Spray Guns are excellent guns to lay on your paints. It’s like a $1000 Sata Spray Gun but only at a fraction of the cost of these popular brands. 

Looking at your pictures, it seems that it isn’t really orange peel. It just seems that the issue is not enough paint.

At this point, what you can do is let it cure for about two weeks. Then, sand it down with 800-grit and get it all scuffed up. Then, spray two heavy coats of clear coat on it. 

This way, you don’t need to redo it with single stage. You have your clear coat on top of it. You can also add some flake or pearl on it if you want to.

Another thing you need to think about is preparation. “What grit did you use to paint over?” Perhaps it was too rough. Look into what grit you finish on. 

These photos that you submitted are really great. For those of you who submit questions, please make sure to send pictures or videos as well as it’s easier for me to make recommendations. 

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