Dual Action Sander Setting, Dry Wet Sanding and Orange PEEL Situations 🍊

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A series. Today’s topic is all about Dual Action Sander Setting, Dry/Wet Sanding and 🍊 Orange PEEL Situations.

Here’s the question from Dale.

  1. Tony, I have a 6″ DA with 3/16″ oscillations. Do I need a 3/32″ for finish work with 1500-grit and 2000-grit?

No you don’t. It will be fine if you put the 2000-grit sandpaper or 2500-grit sandpaper on with your 3/16, which will give you good enough cutting.

When finishing with a DA sander, sometimes you will end up with pigtails in your clear coat because of the caking.

If your doing it dry, the clear coat build up can end up at the bottom. It could scratch your clear coat and give you that pig tail look in your clear coat.

This is why I like to speed up the process by cutting with 1500-grit on a DA. I like dry sanding because you could see a lot easier when you’re cutting orange peel out. I like to call it paint texture when it’s not as bad as orange peel.

I recommend that you dry sand with 1500-grit to cut if flat then, do your wet sanding with 2000-grit to 2500-grit before your compound buffing.

Here’s another question.

β€œIf you have orange peel after final base coat, do you flatten it out?”

A little bit of texture on the base coat is fine because your clear coat will actually fill it up.

But if it looks excessive like you’re getting really dry base coat or it looks really orange peely, I would thin it out.

Base coat is not supposed to be orange peely. It’s supposed to come out very flat, like a matte color.

I agree that you only flatten it if it is really bad.

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