Finishing Car In Sections Epoxy Primer 2K Primer Suggestions ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Hey what’s up, Tony here from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A session with my a VIP. Hereโ€™s the question.

“Tony, my name is Mike and I’ve been a VIP for a few months now. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for the inspiration. Here are some of my questions. I have a โ€˜99 GMC Yukon, which is my work truck and get-around vehicle as well. I can’t do it everything at once – body work, prime and paint – so I’m doing it in sections. Please help me distinguish, if I will have any problems with how I went about this? I bought an epoxy primer and I put it on after the wheel arch panel was installed. I’ve since 2k primed over along with spot putty. Will there be problems between filler and epoxy? Again, I appreciate all the help.”

There wonโ€™t be any problems. Just remember that primer is not a finish coat nor a sealer. It’s not gonna seal the moisture out of the body because moisture can go through primer. Hence, itโ€™s not recommended to keep it in primer state for months. Otherwise, youโ€™ll notice a little bit of surface rust.

If youโ€™ve primed a car, finished with 2K primer, you need to properly finish it, which means dry sand it down with a DA using 500-grit or 600-grit sand paper and maybe even water sand it.

Once you see some rust surface or fading from sun or discoloration, you need to prime it again or refinish it with 400-grit to 600-grit wet sand or dry sand and youโ€™re ready for paint.

Also, I get queries on painting over epoxy. Yes, you can paint over epoxy.  It can be a foundation to directly paint over if itโ€™s prepped well and make sure that there is no orange peel. Have it sanded flat like a matte color.

If you โ€˜re doing body work in sections and sealing it with 2K primer, youโ€™ll be fine for a few weeks and maybe even a few months.

Remember to sand it down and finish it with 400-grit wet sand or dry sand and make it look good before you paint it. If it looks a little bit more, I would recommend to add a new fresh coat of primer, cut it down and paint it.

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