REALLY? Spray Can 2k Primer …Any Good? (Auto Body Q&A)

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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s blog is entitled REALLY? Spray Can 2k Primer …Any Good? (Auto Body Q&A).

What we have is a 2K Filler Primer by Spraymax. I just activated it by pressing the red button under the can. We need to shake it up for a few minutes while the activator is working inside.

A 2K Primer gets very hard and fills. This brand is quite expensive but it will save you time cleaning your spray gun if you don’t want to mess up your gun from using primers. We’ll see if this brand is good stuff or not.

Another thing, I already received my 700r4 Transmission for the ‘67 Chevelle. However, they sent me the wrong one so I need to send this back and they’ll be replacing it with the correct one.

Watch the video as I do a quick demo for you.

Again, what we sprayed is a 2K Filler Primer. It’s good for 24 hours after you break the canister and shake it up.

What I would do is clean the tip lightly with lacquer thinner if you will use it again after a few hours. I’ll also be testing it out again and let you know how it works.

I had the 80-grit to shape it, went down to 150-grit then finished it with 240-grit. I then, primed it with the 2K Primer. You can buy it for about $20-$25.

I bought mine on eBay which came with a can of clear for $40. But, I am not using the clear for this project.

The clear will be used on small hobby projects but not use the spray can clears on cars. Not even on fenders.

I would rather use a spray gun with a good 2K clear coat. I just don’t trust it. You can use it with gas tanks or something.

Question: Is it normal to thin primer filler more than 30%? [21:11]

30% is too much. I recommend 10% if you have to. I’ve primed 2K Primers at 10% so I can shoot out of my 1.4mm tip spray gun.

If you don’t have a 1.8mm tip size or 2.0mm tip size on hand, you can prime them down a little bit more.

Question: How many coats of primer is too much? [21:36]

The normal coats of primer is 2-4 coats. 10 coats of primer is too much.

The ideal spray time window of putting clear coat after you spray base coat is 2-4 hours. This is regardless of what base coat you are using. You can go up to 12 hours if you are doing graphics.

I personally have gone up to 24 hours because of not having everything laid out properly and making mistakes with the graphics. Nevertheless, everything went well and haven’t had any issues at all.

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