Spray Max Primer Review & Auto Body Q&A

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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is Spray Max Primer Review & Auto Body Q&A.

How’s everybody doing? We’re going to do a quick show tonight as I have a lot of things lined up tonight for me to do.

The winners of the VIP contest will be drawn next week. It will be fair and square for everyone. All of your videos are fantastic and I don’t want to be biased.

I also want to give you a review on the 2K Rapid Primer Filler SprayMax, which I used on my Tacoma truck. It filled in all the scratches. I wasn’t sure it would fill it, but after sanding it flat, I saw the results. This stuff is really good and would recommend this brand.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your gun. The only thing that you need to know that you have a pot life of 6-7 hours once you pop the cap and shake it. They said that it has a pot life of 24 hours, but I had issues when it got past that. I used the left over the following day, about 12-14 hours later, and I think the lining hardened inside. I was able to shoot about four shots and it dried out. So I wouldn’t say that it has a pot life of 24 hours.

I bought the primer and clear coat on eBay for $40 for the kit. If bought separately, they are about $25 each. But, I wouldn’t do a whole car with it. This is ideally for smaller projects.

I don’t recommend shooting the whole car with this cans like this because you have more control and fluid going out with a regular spray gun. It will be much better with a regular spray gun, especially if you are using the Atom Spray Guns, so go check them out in Zoolaa.

However, I do recommend these cans for smaller projects like doing a complete motorcycle tank or a car fender.

I sanded it down with 400-grit and washed it down really good and sprayed base coat clear coat on top of it. Then, primed over 320-grit.

Afterwards, I cut my body filler with 80-grit and shaped it. And then, go over it with 280-grit to get it smoother and sanded perfectly. It came out great.

I shot videos while using it and it will be uploaded in the VIP member’s area, so stay tuned.

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Question: Can you put pearl in single stage? [9:28]

No. Pearl needs to be in clear coat. If you put it in single stage, your paint will cover the pearl. It will eat it up.

Question: Any recommendations on the brand of single stage paint? [10:37]

Try Nason Single Stage Paint or PPG single stage. Check out paintforcars.com also sell kits. I think they are pretty much the same. You really can’t go wrong with single stage paint.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you everyone for joining me today. You guys rock and thanks for your support. Don’t forget to SMASH that Like Button, Share and Subscribe to my videos.

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