DIY Learn Auto Body Q&A Live !!

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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Welcome to today’s DIY Learn Auto Body Q&A Live!!

I have a lot of cool things going on. I’m pretty busy setting up my new membership site before I head out to Japan in a couple of weeks.

We working on a lot of hard campaigns for all of my products. We are going to be coming up with a lot of YouTube ads which will be crazy.

Here’s an update on some of my projects. I have the two fenders which we will be doing painting and light dent repair on. The short tutorials will also be added in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP member’s area.

I still have my Miata here. The person who was supposed to buy it, dropped out at the last minute. There was a woman who was ready to buy it for $8,000, but I just can’t give it up at that price point, so I’m holding on to it.

Now, I have it stacked up there below my Mini Truck. Then, there’s my Lambo and my Chevelle project.

And, now here’s the 700r4 transmission which is completely overhauled and rebuilt. It’s got like the sport shift in it and the chrome pan on the bottom. The whole thing is ready to drop in and get mounted to the crate engine. It’s ready to roll.

I still have to order my speedo cable kit so I can hook it up to my speedometer and engine. I want to hook them up and drop it in at one shot because it’s going to be quite difficult hooking up my transmission to the engine under the car. I’ve done it before and I would rather not do it that way again.

I may have to take this radiator support out and take the front off the car. That’s going to be done when I get back from Japan so I haven’t thought of it yet but everything is disconnected.

I’ve been spraying with the Atom X27 Spray Gun. The body is a lot lighter. However, this is just a model that they sent me with a black cap. The ones that are sold in Zoolaa have green caps. The HVLP will come in chrome while the LVLP which is good for clear coat is going to be the matte color. It’s now on preorder sale so go check it out on Zoolaa.

Question: What kind of CFM is used for the Atom X27 Spray Gun? [12:40]

It’s pretty much the same as the Atom X21 Spray Gun.

Question: Which gun is good for clear coat? [12:50]

Overall, the LVLP versions which are the MP guns are good for clear coat. The fan pattern comes out a little bit different. It’s not oval but a rectangle kind of shape.

If you want to get technical with spray guns, HVLP is good for base coat systems and single stage paints. LVLP is better for clear coat. But, you can spray both base coat clear coat out of both spray gun versions and you still get awesome results.

There’s a little bit of benefit with the LVLP spray guns because it requires lower CFM while the HVLP spray guns will need a little more volume to spray paint out of.

1.3m and 1.4mm tip sizes are recommended for overall car painting. You don’t need a separate spray gun for primers. But you need will have to use a 1.8mm or 2.0mm tip size for it.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you everyone for joining me today. Don’t forget to SMASH that Like button. Subscribe and share to friends and family.

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Talk soon! Cheers!


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