DIY How To Bondo Auto Body Repair (Tips and Tricks) Mix and Apply Body Filler

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. This blog is entitled DIY How To Bondo Auto Body Repair (Tips and Tricks) Mix and Apply Body Filler.

This is a slightly longer video because I want to show you the actual demo on how I work on some body work areas.

I’m using 150-grit, sanding around the grinded area, so our filler has something to stick to on the paint. You always want to sand around the areas with 150-grit to 250-grit sand paper to get nice and “panel body filler-ready”. All the dents are pretty much grinded out, sanded and ready for body filler.

Then, we’re going to mix some filler and lay our first coat. In the next video, I would possibly show you my neighbor, which I am coaching. He’s a 14-year old kid doing some body work.

It’s looking good now. As what I always say, for every golf ball size of filler, you need to put about 6 to 8 drops of hardener.

If you’re going to add too much, it will harden quickly. On the other hand, putting less of it will take longer to dry. But, if you don’t add enough, it will cause a lot of problems and will really not dry, so you will need to scrape it off. I would rather dry quickly than not enough.

Walmart Bondo usually sells their Bondo brand. It’s not too bad and I’ve used it a couple of times. Their hardener is usually color red.

You need to mix it quickly. Don’t spend too much time, like 5 minutes because the filler is going to get hard. Once it has a nice creamy, even look, you are good. Push firmly and mix it up really well. Then, apply as soon as you can.

You can see that I’m filling the keyhole and see how it has an indention. In cases like this, you will need 2-3 passes to fully cover and level it out.

Here’s an insider trick my dad taught me. He used to always mix body filler on a big thick piece of glass. Now, I’m doing the same.

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  1. Painting is an art, even if you do it on cars. It was great to see the video and as well as the post is quite informative. You wrote something about the filler that you use that sticks to the paint. I think it is a great idea.


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