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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s blog is all about, “Let’s TALK Auto Body! 8:30 PM CST”.

I got a really high quality hood scoop. It is super thick and I don’t see any waves or ripples on it. I’m not sure what type of material this is, but it’s like an injection mold plastic.

I’m going to put this on the truck, but some of you might think it’s corny. I was thinking of getting a complete hood with the hood scoop, but why should I do that when I can just make my own.

We’ll mold it in and respray the entire hood. It will be orange. We’ll basically grind the area, epoxy and mold it in.

I’m doing this to give you more content and to show you what you can do and what’s possible. I did something similar to this in the past. I mounted in a 4-inch cowl induction hood on my ’67 Camaro. We molded it in and looked really good.

Question: What’s the minimum temperature you can paint your truck? [12:18]

I would say about 65 degrees. The best temperature to paint in your garage would be about 75 degrees to 85 degrees would be the most comfortable temperature to paint in.

Question: How would you paint an interior that has surface rust? [12:45]

If it’s surface rust, you need to sand it out and prime it.

Question:  What type of epoxy will you be using for the hood scoop? [15:34]

I will be using the 3M panel bonding epoxy, which is a 2-part epoxy. We mix it up and make sure that everything is grinded and you can even grind to metal.

That epoxy is can bond anything. You can bond fiberglass to metal, metal to metal and/or plastic to metal, which is what we’re going to be doing.

Question: Do you prefer to paint the entire car or blend the original paint? Especially in the case where the car suffers from clear coat failure. [19:14]

If you have clear coat failure, it would be wise to just paint the whole car. There’s no sense in sanding the clear coat down and re-clear it. If you’re sanding the clear coat down, it will cut to the metal in some areas.

It is wiser to put a fresh coat of base coat on it and then clear it. It’s senseless just clearing it. It won’t work that way.

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I need to head out soon. I’ll be going on a trip with my family tomorrow so will be need to off soon. Thanks everyone for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s live show.

Talk soon! Cheers!


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