How-To Spray MIDCOAT & Basecoat – DBC 500 INTERCOAT Spraying

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Hey, it’s Tony with another blog. Today’s topic is How-To Spray MIDCOAT & Basecoat – DBC 500 INTERCOAT Spraying.

We are using the DBC 500, which is a clear basecoat that we will be using as a midcoat to put our X Finishes Moon Dust White Pearl in to go over our white basecoat. So, we’re turning our white basecoat into a pearl by adding a midcoat.

You can eliminate this step if you are experienced. You can basically mix in your pearl or flake into the clearcoat. However, if you run it, you’ll have a flake or pearl run which will be hard to fix.

If that happens, you’ll need to let it dry, sand it down and reshoot base and redo it again. Once you run that pearl or flake, you can’t buff or sand it out.

For the newbies, I recommend using midcoat. You don’t have to worry about running it because you can spray a few light coats to get your achieved pearl effect.

We’re using the Atom X20 HVLP Spray Gun when coating our white based mirrors with some pearl. We’ll give everything two coats of pearl including the top portion of the cab.

Then, we’ll spray our silver basecoat on the bottom portion of the Daihatsu Mini Truck. After which, we’ll mask everything up for our centerpiece that will be a teal color.

We’ll then finish it off and proceed with the clear coat using our Atom X21 HVLP Spray Gun. If you would like to learn more about these awesome Atom X Finishes Spray Guns as well as the X Finishes Pearls and Flakes, head on over to Zoolaa.

The top section of our bed will also be white. I’m also hitting this with some quick pearl effect. The middle part of the truck will be a teal and the bottom will be silver.

Remember to always check your paint. You don’t want to be painting a full panel and then suddenly run out. It won’t hurt your paint job, but it will better not to run out when painting a large panel.

Check out the video as I show more demos done on our Daihatsu Mini Truck Project.

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  1. Hey Tony, Tim Jones here VIP member. Great info learned more from you every time I watch a video. I painted my first car a 1965 Chevelle 300 at 19yrs old using a five gal. bucket of Kenworth Trucking Companies paint and yes I used all 5 gal.. With your massive amount of knowledge I now know what I didn’t do like tac between coats or even let it dry for more then a couple of days before washing. I am 61 years old and I have just been Tony Hauled, sorry couldn’t resist, LOL. Thanks so much for being straight forward and not holding back with telling us/ showing the correct way to Auto Body and Paint.
    Tim Jones from Moses Lake, WA


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