How To Spray Basecoat Correctly – Custom Paint on Daihatsu Mini Truck

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another blog. Today’s blog is entitled How To Spray Basecoat Correctly – Custom Paint on Daihatsu Mini Truck.

What we’re doing now is wax and grease removing all of our parts. They are all washed down and sanded with 400-grit, ready to prime.

I’m cleaning everything down with the shop towels that we have. Then, we’re going to clean it up with the tack rag. After which, we’re ready for the white basecoat. This is going to be a three-tone paint job with a mid coat pearl.

I’m using a rustoleum 1k primer, but the only problem with this is you can’t wax and grease it once it dries because it will melt it.

If you are using a 2K aerosol primer, you can sand it with 400-grit after it dries then tack it down. Remember, not use a wax and grease remover on top of it.

In this video, we’re covering the bare plastic areas and metal areas because you shouldn’t be painting over metal or plastic directly because it may bleed through or will give you some sort of imperfection.

The next part is sanding our rustoleum primer with 400-grit to get it ready for paint. You may need to use up to 2 pieces of paper, depending on what you did because it kicks up the paper really quickly since you’re not wet sanding.

However, you don’t want to wet sand now because you shouldn’t have any wet panels at this stage to avoid any water to go in between cracks. You don’t want to have water seeping out of the seams when you’re painting your basecoat and clearcoat.

I’m now using my Bulldog Adhesion Promoter on top of my raw plastic parts. The adhesion promoter helps to spray basecoat right over.

You could have painted with the plastic parts with a 2K primer, but what I did is scuff them down quick, laid some adhesion promoter and then did my basecoat clearcoat on top of it.

In this project, we’re using the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun. The new version of this Mini Spray Gun is flat black gray powder coat with black and gold knobs.

The Atom Spray guns are great quality and are awesome to spray with. Grab one of these Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun on Zoolaa now.

Watch the rest of the video to learn more.

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