Custom paint screw up and metal flake plan

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is Custom paint screw up and metal flake plan.

Here’s what I have now. A year ago, I have a totally different design in mind, which is why I went ahead and started a yellow base foundation.

We masked the yellow base and did this octopus-looking graphic on it. After we did the purple, we cleared it. It was really nice at that point.

Then, we sanded it down with 1000-grit to flow coat. I think 800-grit sand paper is a perfect grit to flow coat over. I wouldn’t go any finer than that, which means I wouldn’t go with a higher grade of sandpaper.

I’ll throw some water so you can see the gloss. I mixed the red pearl straight in the clear and I never mixed so much pearl in the clear in the past. Usually, I just mix about a tablespoon in three quarts of clearcoat, which gives it a nice design. If you mix red pearl on yellow, you get orange, which looks cool.

The purpose of the intercoat is to hold the pearl or flake in place, so it doesn’t run and sag. It literally is a clear basecoat.

I didn’t use an intercoat. So on this tank, there is a pearl that broke apart in the clear coat. On some part, you can see some heavy running. Once I saw that, I just really heavily built on the clear coat and loaded it with a lot of clear.

I did that live and will be uploading that HD footage soon. The VIPs will get access to a more in-depth video of it, so for those who want to get access to my comprehensive HD videos, check out the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program.

Ultimately, this is not the look that I wanted to go for. I wanted a metal flake look for this tank. But now, I will just redo the entire thing and put a black base coat. I just didn’t have enough time and run out of reducer.

I ordered some candy and will be doing a lot of experiments with the candy that I will be getting soon.

I have another tank project which I just got. This is a Honda Rebel gas tank and bought brand new. However, the paint job sucks. You can see sand scratches and bad refinishing. It looks crap.

On the other hand, this is a good foundation to play with. I will custom paint this and do metal flaking candy. I will turn this one into a lamp.
The other tank will also be a lamp, which I will personally keep. I’m making these as gifts for my friends.

I will be recording the whole processes and upload them all soon. I am excited to make all of these videos. For those who want to start working on their own custom projects, grab your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual.

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Talk soon! Cheers!


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