How To Paint Any Bike, Scooter or Moped Step-by-Step and Get PRO Results

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Hey, it’s Tony! Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog today.  Here’s my 1998 Honda Elite SR scooter project and in this blog, I’ll show you how to paint any bike, scooter or moped step-by-step and get pro results.

First is take all the panel off, do sanding and body work and get it ready for paint.  I’ll do a nice custom paint on it and make it look totally awesome.

I’m also fixing up the wheels.  I’ll prime and paint the plastic cover on the wheels with the same color as the body.

First is to feather out the scratches and decals with a 150-grit dry sand and make sure that all panels are clean before body work.  The 150-grit is not that rough so it won’t scratch out the plastics.

After sanding and feathering out all the scratches on the panels, even the stickers, I have to wet sand all parts with 400-grit sandpaper.  Then, apply glaze putty on all scratch and scuff marks.

I was supposed to do a gloss paint job on the rims but I got a little lazy! LOL!  But it’s basically a good thing because it’s going to be a different content for you.

Plasti-Dip rims are used for a flat black look.  It’s been changed recently because of its gaining popularity.  They rebranded it and called it FlexiDip.

It’s very durable and you can paint it on a glossy surface.  It will last years.  Even rock chips and car washing will not damage it.

You can basically clean it really well.  I use a wax and grease remover then let it dry and just put three to four coats of this FlexiDip.

We’re going to do flat black on the moped rims.  Masking is not needed because the rubber paint will just peel off tire.

Next, I’ll apply high build filler primer over bare plastic areas.  Make sure to spray two to three coats of paint for complete coverage.  I used the Warwick 903G Spray Gun on this.

We then move on to the graphics.  The flames were mapped out with 1/8 fine line tape.  It’s covered with painter’s tape and I’m going to cut it out with razor blade.

Those that we don’t want painted, we will leave it covered with painter’s tape.  The rest will be masked off later.

I sprayed red basecoat for the multicolor flames with the Warwick 878SHE Mini Spray Gun which is available at the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Shop.

Once you’re done, you can take off the fine line and masking tape then you spray two to three coats of high gloss clearcoat.

The ratio is 4:1 Clearcoat. Four parts clearcoat, one part hardener. You can add pearl and flake in your clearcoat or midcoat.  I mixed red pearl, a touch of gold pearl and ultrasilver mini flake.  This is going to be awesome!

Then, spray two to three coats of clear at 28-30 PSI (not cap pressure).  On the last coat of clear, don’t be afraid to lay it on.  Then, I sprayed all the inner plastic black with SEM bumper paint.

When you’re done, get them all together again but be careful not to scratch the new paint job.

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Hope you enjoyed the video.  Talk soon! Bye!


PS:  Check out the quick intermission of my daughter Mayah in this video!

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