How To Paint Any Bike, Scooter or Moped Step-by-Step and Get PRO Results

Did you enjoy this video? Check out the LABAP VIP course that will help you turn into an auto body and paint pro, from home! Hey, it’s Tony! Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog today.  Here’s my 1998 Honda Elite SR scooter project and in this blog, I’ll show you … Read more

How To Paint Any Car: Your Questions Answered

  Your Most Common Auto Painting Questions Answered: Let’s Learn How To Paint a Car! Before you read on be sure to click here to get your free DIY auto body and paint manual download (opens in new window). This page is jam-packed full of extremely valuable car painting tips and steps on how to … Read more

Surface Preparation


5 Auto Body And Paint Surface Preparation Tips Auto painting consists of a series of step-by-step tasks. When combined, these steps produce a quality paint job that looks fantastic, feels smooth looks flawless, adheres securely, and has lasting durability. When a job comes out nice, you also feel pretty damn good too! The outcome of any auto … Read more