“Ask Away Your Auto Body And Paint Repair Questions!”

“Ask Away Your Auto Body And Paint Repair Questions!”

hey guys!

In this short post I am asking you to ASK AWAY all of your MOST BURNING questions on Auto Body And Paint Repair.

If you have any area that you are stuck on with your special project please post your questions below. This is very important because I am looking to help you guys out with the most common problems.

Here is a short video telling you that I asked for this the wrong way a few days ago… I asked you to reply to my email adress rather than reply to my blog so the comments are nicely documented so I can easily see where you need help.

Again, post your comment below and I will get back to you. I would love to hear from you!

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152 thoughts on ““Ask Away Your Auto Body And Paint Repair Questions!”

  1. What is the best way to try to immitate a full interior carbon fiber that looks real on continental cars or even exotics car ? for me i will prefered the console to be removed and Mould than Wet carbonfiber it .maybe some vacumme infuse ^^

    • Use a product from 3M called 1080 vehical personalization film ,It comes in Black white and Grey carbon fibre design . It is self adhesive and is conformable

      • yes u can leave the doors on just open them and tape of the inside of the door frame just use auto prep paper and make a paper door so you dont get any over spray on the inside of the car. Hope that helps

  2. Hey Tony,

    I’m just starting out on auto painting, I’ve been recently gathering all the stuff I need. I think it’s great what you are doing it helps me out alot. But I have a small question, when I apply primer I have to sand it to apply a base coat but do I have to sand the base coat to apply clear? Another question I have is what is the difference between reducer and laquer thinner? My friend adds laquer to paint instead of reducer and I’m not sure.

  3. i know nothing about cars and i would really like to win this vip. i’m a girl how would like to learn all that you are willing to teach me or us all.i really CAN NOT AFFORD your wonderful knowledge of your VIP. i think u do a good, good job on most of all your video.

    The Question: Why does paint bubble and pill?

    • I think i can help u with this one πŸ™‚ bubbles – they appeare for the folowing reasons: 1. The temperature is to high, if ur painting not in a spray booth, u cant adjust your temperature, so you adjust your reducer. 2. The coat was to thick, so the coat, when it dryes – the air cant get out, that couses the bubbles. It depends on the situation, but most bubbles can be wet sanded and buffed out.

      Peace, Spray.

  4. How do you do matte colors? On the youtube videos of other people, they do some kind of paper cover and lay it over the whole car!

  5. Hi, I am beginner, and I have about 10 cars done, had very little problem with bundle, primer or paint, but clear coat…….always came out with “orange peel” or “runs”, and now I hate to buff. So my question about clear coat. What kind brand the spray gun you recommend, nuzzle size and pressure when clear coated? (I use nason or chromabase stuff mixed by dupont)
    I was looking couple days all over internet until I find your videos on youtube, its very helpful what you doing

    P.S. sorry for my English, I am Russian and just learn language

    • Use Sata, Devilbiss. These spray guns are the best, better to buy a more expensive, but you will get a good finish with it. Nozzle tip in my oppinion is 1.3 best for clearing. And the most commonly used aswell. Avoid runs by spraying evenly, overlap 50%, train on something before spraying the real deal. The common answer to orange peal is not the spray gun, its the compressor. U need atleast a compressor with a 200liter tank to get the needed air. Under 200liters, it will result in orange peal becouse theres not enough atomization even though the psi is right. In that case try thinning the pain, spray from a bigger distance,

      Peace, Spray.

  6. How to shine and clear blurred windshield and side windows? Its like there is a cloud in the glass. Basic cleaning doesn’t do the job.

  7. Hi Tony, I have failed on my paint job in my garage. I have done a lot of research and the only thing that I have a problem with is orange peel. I was wondering if doing the spraying at temperatures between 50 an 60 degrees would cause the orange peel. This orange peel is so bad that I cannot buff or wet sand it out.

    i find all of your videos interesting., thanks
    i have one question, after i paint my car hoe long should
    i wait before i water sand and buff it.

  9. Hey Tony, my question is do you recomend wet sanding or dry sanding when getting ready to spray the base coat.?
    Also what kind of clear do you use and what pressure at the gun do you recomend spraying it at?
    How many coats of clear do you usualy apply?


  10. hi! I chose to paint my car with the kandy tangerin orange and I was wandering how to go about spraying the roof without geting streaks, because the kandy will get darker when it overlaps.any tips would be very helpfule. thank.

    • hey a good approach to the kandy paints is that you gotta open your gun’s spray pattern fan all the way and when you start at one end of the car try and spray the whole panel so you keep flowing right around the car avoid going over a spot cus that spot will be darker than others …so steady long even stokes andyou will get it .

      watching my flakes gloww!!!
      all the best

      • thanx. that will be helpful. this is my first kandy job. it makes me very nerves because i hear alot of people talk about how hard kandy is to do. i will keep this in minde, and thanx again for the tips.

  11. Tony, lessons learned from watching your videos has given my the confidence to move forward with my desire to paint my own vehicle. I am planning on using the duplicolor paint shop process, (primer, color and clear coat). My question for you: how much should I color sand the color coat prior to clear coating and once clear coated what grit of paper should I use prior to buffing for the super glossy finish?? Thanks

  12. hi Tony, I have a problem of cracking in a bog (bondo) repair along on side. The repair was to a square hole that was filled with a piece of sheet metal (welded in) then built up with bog. Total deepth would be 3-5mm

  13. What is the best way to thin clear coat without making it cloudy, and second is there really a primer to paint over the cracked lacquer paint so that you can apply base coat / clear coat?

  14. Hi Tony, love your site, My question is as follows…

    I have an old 64 ford coupe, I have sand blasted and working on the rust, should I etch prime whilst this restoraation work continues over the next few months or leave it. I am using POR15 should I use bondo over the metal or use POR15 first then fill ?

    All the best and thank you for your site.


  15. my question is on spraying finish coats, whats the best gun, pressure setting to spray? I can do the bodywork, just have not sprayed finish coats…..Thanks Tony I am enjoying this site !!!

  16. I was told “paint has come along way” since the old days…….there are good paints available that do not involve clear coating and will hold up to the elements…..I am talking “RED”, which mine is all faded from the sun…any ideas for a good job with Red, the most exspensive color…….thanks Tony !!

  17. hi mate, i am 17 and have just started to strip down my car to sand, prep and spray and need some advise on how much to sand it, what grids to use and when? can you please help me out a little bit as i am 18 and thats when i get my license so i would like to have it done by then! cheers thanks from Australia! Luke

  18. Dear Mr Tony,

    I was wondering how to install interior and exterior neon lights. Done a little bit of research but wasn’t very clear, thought you’d be the man to ask.


    Yours Sincerely

    Alex πŸ˜€

  19. Hey Tony, Love the videos.
    The most burning question, I think a lot of people can ask this. What to do to get basecoats, and clearcoats spray more evenly, what to do that u get a even coat, not much texture on it (the orange peal efect), without having a 200 liter compressor. Do u just thin down the paint with some thinner?

  20. Hello Tony,

    Thank you for the offer. I really would like to know how to adjust the paint gun, and the propper technique of spraying? I dont have a name brand expensive gun, but it seems to be doing the job. But I get different results every time I try to adjust it. I am only praacticing on panels and havent really done an actual project yet. The problem is that I have been studying this and practicing for about 5 months. Any advice is appreciated.

  21. Hey Tony..This will be my first time painting a car and want to do it right, so…I am buying spirited green code 36A..it is a new water base paint..and I am going to do a clear coat with ghost gold pearl..I was reading on reducers and hardners..I was wondering..Do I have to add hardner and reducer both to the water base? and if so..what parts?
    Also any tips on this type of water based paint would be greatly appreciated..
    Thank you.
    Victor Crowell.

  22. Hay,Tony i sent u a email about wet sanding.the problem i’m haveing is, I spayed two of my company Vans,BLACK single stage Urathene in a not so good location,lots of junk in the paint,some orange peel,so i wet sanded using my DA with 2000 grit,i used Car-Brite Black pearl #3 and #4 to remove the sanding scratches,did not work out well,since i ask u this i tried some polish after the #3 and most of the scratches are gone but still not that happy with the finish,still a little hazzy,should i use 3M?thanks Matt

  23. I want to repaint my 87 Harley, it was custom painted about 20 years ago, over the factory paint, I don’t know what kind of paint was used, tank and fenders are metal, bags and trunk are fiberglass. What kind of base coat clear coat do I use? Should I stripe the old paint? How do I determine what kind of paint was used 20 years ago?? After sanding through the clear coat, I rubbed it with lacquer thinner and nothing came off on the rag.

  24. I’m just starting out and just wondering
    What size tips do you need for painting base coat and clear coat

    • You wet sand it with 2k-2.5k grit sandpaper to get a even surfare (try not to burn threw the paint). from there u have 2 options.
      1. Try to buff the clearcoat to get a decent shine.
      2. Respray the clearcoat.


  25. Hi. I am just beginning a frame off restoration including a full nose replacement on a 74 Stingray. I have a lot of experience with steel but not fiberglass. I have an original nose to replace the damaged one but it does need some minor work. Will I need to re-gel goat the nose before painting it?

    Thanks, Bill

  26. Hi Tony, Ihave a 61 buick skylark that has asmall indent @the point of the right fender how can i repair it? I seen the videos you sent me &they are very informative.I wish that i could afford the course. thanks

  27. hi tony i bout a new unpaint bumper do i need 2 sand it down and then primer it and then sand it down or put the paint on it ..

    • u need to wet sand it down, but not much. Just to get a even surfare (with about 400-800grit paper). primer is not necessary.

  28. i got a 01 grand prix and i want 2 paint a desing on it and is a black car what is the best to paint the desing first or paint the hold car fisrt …

  29. I wont to now everything about paint job !? πŸ™‚ and number one question is:”all about compressor and HVLP gun setup tips the complete procedure “?

  30. Hey Tony!! Help me out on this, whats the best way to do a matte black color paint job? What kind of paint/brand should I use? Thanks

  31. The question that I have is what type of filtration should I be using to get the right air to my spray equipment?

  32. If you were to spray several different color Kandies on the same panel, next to each other, in random round splodges, then clear coat then panel, would the Kandies continue to blend and bleed together over time?
    Would they stay behind the clear and if on a vertical panel would they ‘run’ bleed?
    The idea is not to stop them bleeding but to see if a ‘live’ paint effect could be achieved.
    Would the bleeding movement disturb the clear coat and make it unstable or split it?

  33. I painted a LTD CrownVictoria with a metallic paint and i wanted to get flakes on the paint but i put a coat of clear and it already dried, so do I have to repaint the whole car or can I just try and sand off the clear?

  34. How would you recommend to do a FULL custom paint job that requires blending a dark color to light? Not a 2 tone paint job, but one that actually blends in from dark to light (or vice versa) like a fade haircut? Would you do dark colors first or would light colors come first? where do u start blending the colors? For example, lets say i come in with an old school like
    a 64 Chevy impala and wanted the color changed to kandy blue, red, green, and orange, not a chameleon, but the colors fading from each other vertically or even horizontally? I hope i made that clear!

  35. Hi Tony,

    My question is about the different speeds of activators that can be used with paints. Could you explain the main differences and the benefits of and possible cases where a person might want to use a slow activator vs a medium or fast activator? As a hobbyist, I though using a faster activator would help me not get any runs in the paint, but it is my understanding that fast activated paints may more easily result in Orange peel, is that correct?


  36. Hello again Tony,

    I am wondering if you could show how to fade one paint color into another paint color on a fender? Something like fading a green to black or something like that.

  37. when sanding, what grit sand paper to use and when to use them?
    can you use a DA sander to WET sand clear-coat to Buff?
    Can u wet sand clear coat then add another layer of coat clear coat after, if so how long after clear coat dry can u
    add another coat of clear?
    When a cars clear-coat is rubbing off like the black cars do, due to heat, why can’t you just sray clear coat over it to make
    it shiny?
    Sorry for so many questions but really want to know.

  38. After colour buffing with cutting compound how do you clean it off so that the next coat doesnt crack and peel on contact?

    • No, basecoat is sanded only when theres dust in it or any other inperfections that a tack-rag cant get them out. basecoat is wet sanded with 1k grit paper carefully, then resprayed. Tackrag it down again when its dry, and clear it down. Dont forget to use silicone remover after wet sanding.

  39. Tony…

    I don’t have plans to paint a whole car(s), but would like to paint smaller items like stock wheels, steering columns, brake levers, etc. I just don’t feel like I need an expensive paint set-up to do what I want to do. Can you suggest a medium quality paint gun and the proper accessories to go with it please?


  40. Tony:

    I painted a 73 Mustang Vert and on the top of the drivers fender next to the windshield glass the paint keeps reacting. I have primered it, sealed it, and painted the fender three times, same result. Whats the deal? I am about to give up and live with it.

    I am a rank amateur by the way. Built a paint booth in my garage/workshop. I am retired a AirForce 60 year old painting newbie!!


  41. Hey Tony.
    Just one question, what type of gun nozzles do you prefer and where do you get your paint from?
    Thats all


  42. hi , thanks for the chance to ask .
    i like to know after i put body filled on a part sand it with one or two kin like 100 or 220 what is that i have to put on top i see you talking about glaze but i buy glaze and is not what you where using is that blue paste what is that and with what kind of grip i have to sand it .

    thanks for you time.


  43. Hey Tony,

    My sons and I installed a fiberglass body kit on a 1990 240sx. We managed to make the kit fit very nicely after some trimming and slight modifications. My question have to do with the seam where the fiber glass kit meets the medal body of the car. What is good way, and what type of product can a person use to hide or camouflage this seam? Seal sealer? Bondo? I just don’t want the seam to crack after a year or so after we paint it.

  44. Tony,
    Does the thickness of my air hose from the compressor to my gun matter? If by any chance it does what’s a good thickness

  45. Hey Mr. Bandalos,

    I just wanted to ask you, where can I get materials such as a spray gun? are they available at a regular hardware store or would I need to go to some specialty store? also, from where can I get paint for spraying a car? or do you have to aslo special order these kind of things?

    Thank you


  46. Hello Mr. Bandalos again,

    Sorry to bother you again but I wanted to know what I would need altogether for a good paint job. so here’s the situation. I am supposed to be getting my dad’s truck but thats not why I want to paint it. anyway, my dad has a ’93 GMC Sierra and I want to paint it over. he kept it at his friend’s home, long story short, it came back in a worse condition than when we left it. there are a couple of dents which I think can be easily repaired but he has a sprayed bed liner in the back. do I paint over it or do I cover it and if I do, how do I cover it? also, I wanted to ask how much are a gallon of paint covers. do I need more or not? sorry for so many questions, I’m just curious.

    Thank you again,


  47. sorry Mr. Bandalos,

    I have but another question. I am 17 right now and I don’t really have a source of income. I am a junior in high school and I wanted to ask you, how much is a reasonable price for a paint job and how do I get paid for my work. I know that you had a shop and everything but what if I am doing this on my own? do I ask for cash or like a check or what? I know thats kind of a stupid question but I want to do this on the side so that I can save up some money to pay for college. thats all I wanted to ask.

    Thank you,


    • I understand that most of these are probably answered in the VIP membership, aren’t they? sorry. I would look at it but I can’t afford the membership. sorry. don’t stop doing what you are doing. we all need you

  48. Tony, g’day!
    What is the possibility please for a tutorial on the correct process for the following to bring out the shine for maximum impact:-
    a) Clearcoat colour sanding (ie. direction/angle of wet sanding)
    b) Buffing (cutters & glazing)

    Thanks again for your time and the ongoing support!
    regards, Emmanuel

  49. I’m working on 06 Range Rover project right now, its black and I’m refinishing the whole car. My question is would you recommend that I sand the freshly applied base coat to smooth it out right before applying the clear?
    Also what are some tips on laying down the clear nice and smooth?

    Thanks for all help.

  50. Hi..I haven’t painted anything since 1981…I really want to paint my kids car this summer. I will be doing the painting in my garage.

    I understand I should paint the floor, clean as well as I can, build a box over and sides of the car with plastic ,and install an exhaust fan as well…what am I missing ??

    How can we paint at home and not have the car looking like a home job?


  51. hi Tony
    Can you tell me more about the proper setting spray gun, some tips ? Which gun is best for beginners?
    Which nozzles to use for clear,base coat and primer?
    What (psi/bar) do you recommend for spraying primer- base- clear?
    Some welding tips?

  52. whats up tony, I have a mustang that my wife and myself use as the only form of transportation. My concern is, am I able to work on my car (bumper reinforcement needs to be pulled out or aligned, couple of dents needs fixing and want to paint the whole car) at my apartments? Do you know of anyone thats done it before? Thanks for your time and respone. P.s. I know nothing of auto body and,paint.

  53. Hey guys Tony Here!!!

    I will be making a special announcement my email within a day or two so keep them coming.

    I will also be selecting a Winner on the next video post where you need to tell me WHY you should
    win the FREE VIP Membership.

    Questions like:

    Why you need it
    What your goals are etc…. more details coming soon!


  54. Tony!

    My question is this, after sanding body filler or primer or whatever. What the best way to clean the surface, like just shoot air to get the dust off with the hose or lintless rags? If I should use rags do I just wipe down or should I soak it with something??

    I really hope I get the VIP! Thnx ton!

  55. Tony,

    I was wondering if you can make a video, or talk a little about making an estimate.
    How to make an accurate estimate to be able to keep the customer and at the same time make a little profit out of the job?

    Great site by the way!!! Keep it up!!!

  56. If i want to paint a plastic panel like a bumper that brand new never been painted, I’ve been told to wet sand it with 600 and then 800 and then primer. I thought 600 was good enough or even 400 for primer what you think? What a about an already painted piece?

  57. Hey tony, I’ve been following all your videos on YouTube and they have been very helpful. I have two huge projects on my hand and only minimal body work expirence and no painting expirence other than spray cans. Now my first project is my 96 mustang that was totalled a couple weeks ago and restoring it and turning it into a saleen. Everything from radiator core support being replaced, to rust issues in the trunk and on the floor. To full paint job and painting the interior. And my second project is my fathers truck, his f250 is a special edition and his pride and joy. He bought it as a work truck initially but since retiring and closing down his business it just sits there cuz of how depressed he is over the condition of the body now with dents, dings, scratches and Misc rust/rot issues on the bed. And I’d love to surprise him and fix it up and repaint the whole truck for him. I’d love to win the VIP access but I don’t want it out of sympathy.

    My burning question is the blue I’m painting my mustang is pretty rare to begin with but was factory for my car, it’s a nice blue and all but your talk about flakes and pearls, got me wondering what kinda pearls or flakes would work with a darker blue?

  58. Tony, when replacing sheet metal due to rust what is the best way to ensure we protect from rust coming back ?

    Thanks and regards Chris.

  59. Hey Tony,

    A web training teleseminar, will be awesome, what a great idea!
    I would be available on any of the days listed and would prefer either 8M EST or 10PM EST.


  60. When applying base coat and clear two pack , does the base coat have to be applied perfectly flat off the gun before application of clear or can it be rough to touch

  61. Hey Tony.
    Just joined a couple days ago, and as a complete beginner I’m not even at the stage where my questions even make sense because theres so many of them. I’m where you were when you were 13, I guess. So, I just bought an old truck. I want to use it, with what I leasr here from you, to turn my old beater into a presentable ride I don’t have to hide behind the garage… Its mechanically great just needs body work and paint. I could take pics of it along the way if you want….and you can use them to show a student progress if you want to? So I’m thinking the best way to get the ball rolling is to say..Ok..I have the project picked. A 95 Ford F150. I know its got rust issues, someone elses feeble attempts at body work issues, dent issues, and of course paint issues. My guess is a complete top to bottom body/paint plan. But budget being the big issue for as it is for most of us who join your mailing list, step by step help from a pro like you, and spacing the project over several paydays, would fit the bill. And would be great advertising for your site too….
    My question is: Where to start and how? Whats my step one, Tony? DO I bang out dents? Do I cut out rust? Weld sheet metal…… how does a pro assess the task at hand? Break this big ugly job, into small, orderly manageable pieces?

    Hey I bet winning this contest wouldn’t hurt…….huh?




  62. Hey Tony,

    My sons ’77 Datsun 280Z was hit by a kayak on the freeway commuting to college, it broke away from an SUV”s roof rack, going in the opposite direction. It took out front bumper and whipped around and took out the passenger door and rocker panel. Thank God he wasn’t hurt. Anyway we decided to go full bore on the repairs, changing the heavy bumpers to the earlier ’70’s style, along with the grille and directional lights which will be now be installed in the new air dam. The paint color will also be changing from white to midnight blue pearl coat. The car was originally metallic gold, which the engine bay, under the hood, under the cowl, door and hatch jambs are still. We have removed all the glass, treated all the rust areas, corrected drainage problems, refit doors, fenders,cowl, hood, nozzles and hatch. All damages have been repaired or replaced with salvage parts. Digs, and dents hammered out and filled with body filler or spot putty. The car has been sanded with 80 grit then 220 grit, probably wasn’t the best idea, so I’ve been told. We’re thinking we should spray all door, hatch, hood, fender edges and the body highlight line first with a bare metal primer then shoot all of those again with single phase acrylic plus the jambs and under the hood. Reassemble the body and shoot the whole exterior of the car with a black filler/ sealer, twice I guess, and wet sand with 600 grit. At this point we were thinking of having someone that has access to a spray booth finish shooting the exterior with a 2K acrylic. What are your thoughts on this? We could use a professional’s opinion.

    March 18 @ 10pm for us on the west coast would be good

    Thanks again, Rich

    • I think you are on the right path. Use an epoxy primer on the metal surfaces. Why do you want to use a black filler sealer? If you are sticking with a dark top coat then your fine. Use a lighter primer if you are painting a lighter color.
      Have you looked into base coat clear coat paints? You can do a lot more with them as far as flakes, pearls, colorsanding and buffing etc…

  63. HI,
    My question is, I bought a car with stone chip repair on the bonnet. They touched up the chips with a touch kit, but didn’t do it very well as there are little bump of pain all over the bonnet. Could I sand it down and buff it back up or would it need a complete respray? I hope this is a good question?

    Mark from the UK

    My best time would be; GMT 8pm. or would tune in any time really as your videos are really helpful and I wouldn’t miss it!!

  64. Hi Tony, I’m already a VIP member:
    I think you having this Call Seminar is a Great Idea.the best time for me is Friday March 18th at 800 PM Eastern Time.But any will work. I assume that VIP members are also invited on the call or is this just for people that are’nt VIP members?

    Seems that alot of the questions are about dry vrs wet sanding proper grits for different stages of a paint job,and color sanding due to Holidays (inperfections in the Base and Clear coats) On clear coats is’nt the medium strength reducer as a rule of thumb the most used? Got more questions but i’ll wait for the seminar. Tony your doing a good job on your videos.Keep up your good work. Oh when or how do i get the code to retreive the call seminar?

  65. What’s up tony. I’ve been following your work on YouTube for a very long time. I want to learn how to paint and do body work. But with no real one on one teacher its extremely hard. The only help I get is from watching your YouTube videos which are great but there’s only so much u can learn in a 5 to 10 min clip. My question is: when primeing how many coats do I use?

  66. Hey whats up Tony, I’m going to paint the bottom (belly) of my car HOK brandywine in my garage, do I need a special gun to paint upside down or can I use any gun? THANKS

  67. FREE online web training teleseminar.
    -Dates to pick from…
    -Wed March 16th, Friday March 18th, Sunday March 20th 2011
    -Times 4pm EST, 8pm EST, 10pm EST.

    Either time is good for me, thanks Tony

  68. i remember one time as i was putting clear on my car, i had to make full sweeping motions from front to back baecause if i didn’t then i would get overpray on the outside of my spray range(like if i was spraying the door, the outside range would be either my second door or a fender)and that overspray would dull the outside range area and i would have to do that area over,leaving overspray on the area i just did and thus leaving that dull. Needless to say, i would have too much clear and a high chance of runs, yet on the videos i see, people seem to be able to spray small sections at a time and i see the overspray yet eveything stays shiney, sorry so long, but if i where to be able to have that conference too, then i think i can explain it better, unless you understand what i mean. 7pm would be great

  69. I just finished up the last coat of clear after a primer and base coat application. I added some flow enhancer to the clear/overall hardener, but I thinkI added a bit too much and ended up with some runs in the clear coats, or it could have been another rookie mistake of too close/slow with the gun. Either way I have some run issues with the clear coat and would like to know what is the best way to repair the runs. Thanks in advance!

    Dave H

  70. wus up tony i do airbrush on shirts and want to get into painting cars, right now i have some people that want me to put ads on there cars but dont know much about the paints, or spray guns to buy. would like to get into the business but money is real tight , need help and thanks

  71. How much difference is there between premium paint and less expensive paint like nason? When tring to learn spray gun control shoul u practice witht he same paint you plan to use for your project or is a cheap paint OK

    7:00 pm central time any day but Monday is good for me

  72. Hi Tony,

    My question is, what can I do to prevent the paint from chipping latter on after it has been painted?
    I painted this one Infiniti G35 a while back for a costumer and now that car is all chipped in the front and even some chips on the roof.
    Any suggestions?


  73. Hey Tony,

    Got a quick question for you, when painting a car, do you have to sand between each layer of paint. I’m not entirely sure where I heard I but I read someone asking the same thing. It didn’t make sense to me at first but thinking about it, the question became more and more legit. So I was wondering because it would make sense if you had to so that the paint would stick to something. But you are the expert.

    Thanks Tony


  74. Hi Tony. I am glad to be a VIP member. I have a few questions. This will be the first time I ever painted Base Coat Clear Coat on a overall paint Job. My questions are the following: On a overall paint job is 400 grit sand paper good enough for final sanding? When you put your first coat of base coat on how long after the first coat do you wait for drying time before you put the second coat of base coat on? How long should you wait before you tac it off before you put your clear coat on? When you put your first coat of clear on how long should you wait before you put the next coat of clear on? I am using medium reducer and the base coat ratio is 2:1 and the ratio of the clear coat is 4:1:1. The color I am painting with is candy apple red. Thanks for your time please answer soon.

    • Yes 400 wet is enough, you can go 600 and even to 800 if you wish. The normal flash time is about the time you go around the car once. Tack wait time should be about 20-30 min depending on room temperature.

      Once you go around the car with your first clear coat. You will be ready on your starting panel for the 2nd coat.

      Next time please ask these questions in the VIP area by the training. This is VIP material. Thank you and Good Luck!

  75. hello,i was wondering how deep to sand anew boat to prep for airbrushing graphics,do i just scuff the clearcoat or do i take it all the way down?thanks

  76. Hey Tony
    Names mitchell and i have a 71 charger 500 series and i don’t know much about paint and body well i can pound a dint out here and there but when it comes to paint and what too use. we had our truck painted here and within a month all the paint was cracking and chipping and i don’t want that to happen to my car. so I’m deciding to take a shot at it myself. now I’m far from getting this baby off the road but I’m wondering what you suggest for a under car adhesive to prevent rust and shit. my old man says just us asphalt underlay but idk decided to ask you… that and is there a good paint for cold weathers and that cause I’m in Canada. oh and I’m thinking about painting this beast red like the yahoo sign red with that fine or mid range flux or flex in it with two black skunk strips going down the hood to the ass end and mix flux or flex in with the black as well but idk if it would work or not. and a gloss finish. now i know that’s a big job but i have a old toyota to practice on and i could use the help so any advice would be great. thanks.

  77. Wondering what the proper sequence would be for shooting door/trunk/hood jambs and then the exterior. Shoot the jambs with basecoat first I assume. Then what? Shoot the jambs with clear? or shoot the exterior with basecoat also, then go back and clear the jambs followed by the exterior clear…

    Or should I basecoat the jambs and clear them first before going on to the exterior?

    Thanks for the great site.

  78. Hi, I just sprayed my car with house of colors brandy wine and it looked great so I put the clear coat on it and now the two doors look darker than the rest of the car could I sand the clear coat a bit and then put some more color on it to get it darker and the reclear it?

  79. I am preparing to paint a car that has bc/cc. Some of the cc is pealing in places. Do I have to completely remove all the cc on the entire car or just blend then seal with primer?

  80. Lots of questions here but many not answered. I will try to add to the many questions needing answers.
    Help please with some basic questions about painting base coat/clear coat.

    1. Ive seen base coat applied/sprayed and then clear coat applied. Question is: Should base coat be sanded before applying clear coat? If base coat is not smooth or has orange peel or some runs, what grit should base coat be sanded with before applying clear coat? Is it just better to sand the base coast before applying clear coat to get a smoother finish? I see people painting, but no one addresses this. Almost like the base coat is always perfect and they just start shooting clear over it without addressing the base coat.

    2. On a vehicle where clear coat is weathered and cracking and peeling down to the base coat, what steps should be taken to fix this? Should the car be sanded and with what grit,….then should it be primed and started from the beginning or can I just sand it down and shoot a fresh coat of clear.

    I see most newer cars clear coats becoming oxidized and or peeling and cracking, so I want to know whats the easiest approach to fix the clear coat problem I see on every other car today including my own vehicle.

    Please answer Tony and anyone out there who knows some of these simple answers to questions people wanting to learn like me. I want to join your course, but cant afford it right now, but I want to get answers and learn before I can join.
    Thank you !

    • 1. No, your base coat should not be sanded prior to clear coating. If you have runs, sand with 800 – 1000 then base the area before clearing. For #2 we have the entire step-by-step process explained. The best way to fix the cracking clear coat problem is to paint the entire panel, including new base and clear.

      Be cool!

  81. How do you repair imperfections on flat clear coats? Like when there is dirt that sticked on the flat clear coat while spraying on the vehicle. Unlike with clear coats I can just sand then buff, but with flat clear coats it doesn’t work the same way.

    Another question is how do I smoothen the surface after i spray flat clear coat? Usually the surface is rough and I would like it to be smooth.

    Hope you can help me out. Thanks!

    • It’s a little tough with flat clears. You just need to get the best finish out of the box! Because you can’t really buff it makes it a pain. You need to spray in a clean environment and also use the correct reducers to get the best finish.

  82. I have a 2000 Volvo S40 and they have blck trim and its faded to grey it looks bad.. Its Like the plastic on the side of the car & the handles .My car is color silver and i want to paint the plastic the same color, what shouod i do? How? Please help and thnk you.

  83. Tony, I have a truck that had been repainted before I bought it that has some chips in the paint. Some chipping goes to the previous color and others go all the way to the bare metal. What is the best way to repair these so the repairs don’t keep chipping away? I thought about sanding any loose paint and using plastic filler to seal the repair and get the surface smooth, then spray primmer or something to seal and protect the repair until I can afford to repaint the whole truck. Is this the right way to fix this?

    Thanks, Rick

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