Auto Paint Spray Booths, How To Rent A Paint Booth!

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) junkie and you’re working on your project from home but really don’t have the space to spray paint your project in a home made spray booth, why don’t you rent a paint booth from a body shop?

Yes, they are easily available and you can rent one for about $50.00 – $100.00 on average.

Although you can get VERY NICE finishes from your home garage or by using a simple TENT that you can set-up on the side of your house, some guys just don’t have room to paint a car… and this is what YOU could do!

Here is an image below of a homemade spray painting booth.

As you see, all you really need is a box fan or two. A clean and washed down floor, good ventilation and plastic covering your walls for dust prevention and for eliminating overspray to your garage walls. It’s really pretty simple.

I will make a separate article and post on what you need to build your own spray painting booth from home, a quick rundown on steps, material etc…

The funny thing is, back in the old days there were books teaching auto body and paint and showing you how to actually paint outside on a sunny day! haha, pretty funny because all you really need to successfully paint outside is good weather, an air compressor and your paint material along with a properly masked off project cleaned and ready for paint.

So we took this a little further and actually made FULL-LENGTH videos that are available within the VIP Members Area of the learnautobodyandpaint Members Course that shows you EXACTLY how you can paint a car from home and get great finishes!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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Here is a Video Talking About How To Find a Spray Booth if You’d Like To Go That Route.

24 thoughts on “Auto Paint Spray Booths, How To Rent A Paint Booth!”

  1. I did not know that, thanks!

    I assume the rental would only cover space, not equipment? Would it include the compressor? Are shops likely to let you rent their spray guns as well?

  2. Yes That Is A Good Idea. But What About Moving Your Car Back To Your Location In The Wind Going Against. How Is A Paint Job Going To Dry In A Couple Hours? Want There Be Dust Particals In The Paint? You Are Suppose To Let A Paint Job Dry For So Long Right

    • Enamel paint jobs dry within 60 minuted to tack free. If you’re painting on a good day… Believe it or not, dust is not really a problem. There is more of a dust problem when painting in auto body shop zones because of all of the filler flying in the air. Many people have done really NICE paint jobs from home outside under a tent or home garage.

  3. Hi Tony , Yea in the Oler Days thats pretty much what alot of people had was either outside on a good Day,or a Make Shift Spray Booth.Your doing a great job at you Traing and Teaching Course.Keep it up. Love all your Videos. David Hubbard Good things are worth waithing for !

  4. Tony,

    LOVE THE INFO. It is SO HARD to get body shops to do any work that is not insurance covered.

    One question: I thought the paints required baking to make sure it’s properly cured, etc.?

    • No, most paints auto body shops use do not require baking. There are also clearcoats that cure in less than two hours. I like to use the basic stuff like PPG or DuPont because it has time to flow out with a nice gloss finish. They are usually tack free within an hour and hard cured within 12-15 hours.

  5. man i really need to paint my car and fill some dents but never tried would like to get more tips and info from u waz up

  6. Should I take my Mustang down to bare metal after using spray can primer? Or can I just sand it and use epoxy primer over it??


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