Master Airbrush Initial Review – Air Brush Spray Gun Review

Hey, it’s Tony here. Thanks for watching this video and checking out the blog today. In this video, I will make a quick Master Airbrush initial review.

The Master Airbrush System is a new spray gun kit that I just bought online, which I’m going to use on the graphics for the Honda Elite Project.

On the scooter’s front panel, I will be doing some flames and some other crazy stuff.  Probably on the sides as well.

The box comes with an instruction booklet, a six feet of air hose line, a compressor and a G22 air brush; I assure you that you will get your money’s worth on it.

The G22 airbrush is a cute little gun with great quality. I really wish Warwick makes these.

The pump, which comes with the regulator, is pretty neat which has a little handle to easily carry it, if you need to move around your car or motorcycle job.

If you plug it in and turn it on, it doesn’t make too much noise.  It may be 1/5 HP (Horsepower).

To assemble it, hook the air hose line up and put your paint. Afterwhich, plug the hose to the bottom of the spray gun.

Another thing, this product includes a roll of Teflon tape which you don’t need, as there are seals on the airbrush.  We only need to put the tape on the regulator to get to the compressor.

I picked up this nice little kit on Amazon for eighty bucks.  It comes from TCP Global.  I can’t wait to use it.

Again, this is the Master Airbrush.  You will see how I use this on the Honda Elite.  The step-by-step detail of this moped project will be available in the VIP area on HD videos.

The Atom Spray Guns are gaining a lot of popularity in the automotive world. With its combined Japanese and German-style craftsmanship, these spray guns will definitely leave you in awe! I have tested them and these spray guns are the only ones that I use at the shop.

They are truly a work of art! What’s more surprising about it is that it is just a fraction of the cost of the popular spray guns now at the market! Head on over to Zoolaa to grab your Atom Spray Guns now!

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Talk to you soon! Bye!

– Tony

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