Breathe-Cool Setup – Fresh Air Mask For Automotive Painting

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In this Google Hangout video, I show you how to set up the Breathe Cool System. I recently got mine and thought I might as well show you guys how to set it up, just in case you get your own set, too. I’ll tell you what I think of it in the next videos once I’ve tried using it, when I’m actually painting our next LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Project, the 1997 M Edition Mazda Miata.

The first thing you do is, grab your hose and push it inside from the back of the hood until it hits the front part of the mask, just like how I show you in the video. So we insert it all the way down until you can’t see it. Then you fold it at the back and put the clamp on to secure it. Make sure its nice and tight.

So basically, you have a hose all the way to the front of the mask so you’re getting fresh air pointing down toward your face. That’s how it works.

The next thing to do is to plug the turbine system in so you can adjust the airflow. Hook up one end of the air hose to it and to the other end, you have your Air Flow Meter. You need to set it at 6 CFM. After setting the air flow, you can remove the meter and make sure to keep it because you will use it again every time you do this.

You can then already start using it. Wear the belt and adjust it so it fits you snugly and finally, wear the hood.

What I thought of doing is, tape the hose inside somehow so it doesn’t move around. You also have vents below the mask where the exhaust comes out. It really does fill the whole mask up with fresh air. Pretty neat.

It does smell like new hose so I would probably keep it running and get some of the new hose smell out. Maybe keep it on for 15-20 minutes, just to get the all the fumes out of the hose. But other than that, I think it’s a pretty cool setup. It’s aasy to set up. And I can’t wait to use it.

I got 50-feet hose. It actually should be 75-feet. It comes with 25-feet standard and I ordered an extra 50-feet. Now I can place this machine inside of my office where I have the AC on then I’m going to run it through, I have a little hole at the bottom of the side of the shop door that connects to my office. I could basically run the hose out of it and it will be a perfect air- tight fit. I’ll get fresh, cold AC air from in my office to the garage while I’m painting.

I paid about $470 for the complete system. That includes the shipping fee and the extra hose. If you don’t want the extra hose, it’s only $369 plus $27 for shipping.

So this is the Breathe-Cool Setup. Looks pretty cool to me. It’s not that noisy at all. Inside, all you hear is just air coming on. It’s not that bad. And that’s about it. Pretty simple setup and I can’t wait to use it.

Thanks for watching the quick video. In the next one,we will do some body work on a couple of tiny dents that we have on the Mazda Miata’s rear quarter panel. I will show you exactly how to use the spot welder and take the two little dents out. We will have to do a little bit of grinding and pull the little dents out with a spot welder, pop them out.

I also just made a new body hammer. I made a video on how I did it. Pretty simple. Put the wedge in, grind the wood, put the hammer head on the hammer handle so you get a nice new hammer to work with. We can tap our high spots down around that while we pull out.

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