Warwick 904 HE and 878SHE Mini Spray Gun Review

The Warwick 904HE and the Warwick 878SHE Mini Spray Gun Review.

If you want a high quality automotive HVLP or LVLP spray gun, then check out the amazing spray guns here on Zoolaa.

I gotta tell you…

I have used many spray guns during my career. When painting with the new Warwick guns, they just feel right.

For instance, the DeVilbiss Finish line series gun, when held, to me has an awkward feeling. It just doesn’t feel good in my hands.

Now I know we all have different size hands and each gun will feel different in our hands, but I’m comparing it to the SATA or Iwata feel.

To me, those guns feel ‘good’ in your hand. The Warwick is no different.

When first spraying with the Warwick, I was truly impressed. The trigger was tight, solid and accurate.

Not like the $100 cheapos that you can get. Or even worse, the $20-$50 Harbor Freight guns. But hey, I am not bagging those guns…

You start with what you can afford. I understand and respect that. Heck, I started with a $60 STAR and Astro when I was 13 years old in my fathers body shop. Yeah, it was a cheapo, but it did the job.

The HVLP Warwick spray gun is a a great gun for the money. You’re getting quality a made spray gun for a fraction of the price. Check them out in the store here.

We currently have the Warwick 904he, 980h, 980he and the 878she mini.


How it all started with Warwick Spray Guns

I got a call from the distributor in Los Angels to test out their guns. Then they sent me a few to test.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect such a good spraying gun for the cost because I sprayed with and own some of the most high end spray guns such as the SATA and the Iwata line of guns.

However, I have to say that I was IMPRESSED with these spray guns. I see no real spraying difference with the 980 VS the SATA RP. The 878 Mini and the MINI SATA Jet.

I liked them so much I asked the distributor if we can offer them at a special price for my YouTube and blog viewers and fans.

And they said Yes.

Now, introducing the Atom Spray Guns! After the Warwicks, I discovered this brand when I went to the SEMA convention. I tried and tested them and they were amazing! With its combined Japanese and German-style craftsmanship, it will definitely leave you in awe.

If you want a great started gun, check out the Atom X20 Spray Gun! It’s a newbie painter must-have. For great touch up jobs, check out the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun.

If you want an affordable high quality spray gun, then I urge you to check them out and give them a shot. You can Exclusively order them at our store here. We currently ship to the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. If you live somewhere else, just contact us here to get a custom shipping quote.

I hope you like the review video. Please feel free to comment below, I would love to talk to you 🙂

Talk soon,


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12 thoughts on “Warwick 904 HE and 878SHE Mini Spray Gun Review”

  1. My brand new set of sata’s were stolen years ago and I am need of replacing them but cant spend that much now. I was thinking of the cat5 guns since they use the same head on them that they produced for the lexus robotic sprayers. Have you ever used them and do you know how they compare to the Sata or Iwata versus these warwick’s?

    • hey Blake. That’s too bad. I have never heard of those spray guns. I know these Warwicks do. They are about 1/3 the cost and sprat fantastic. Have fun doing your research 🙂 and thanks for posting.

      • Hi Tony, I’m setting an order for the Warwick 980he I think. But Like u say it can be purchase with 2 tips but what if I need new tips ?? I can find any for sale in your website any help. Thank you

        • hey Eli! Tips will last you YEARS. They will not go bad over night. You can buy rebuild kits from us no problem. You can always contact us and we can special order them if you really need them buddy!

  2. Hi Tony,

    Maribeth here from the Philippines:-) How much will it cost me to have 904HE? Our currency is peso..how is it? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon:-).

  3. Do you think you could arrange to sell tips separately? It limits use of the gun if the only way to get tips is to buy a gun.

  4. Hi Tony, I am thinking to buy mini spray gun 878SHE from you. What air compressor do you suggest ? I just want to paint the car in my garage , I do not like the big air compressor.
    Thank you.

    • If you are painting a complete car I recommend a full size spray gun. Look at the 904HE. I would recommend a 60 Gal with a 3 hp if possible. We just had a member find one on craigslist.com for $200!


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